Should kitchen ceilings be painted white?

While dark or light colors on the ceiling can often create sophisticated charm and enhance certain rooms, there are times when white is best. This is especially true if you are painting main living areas such as the family room or kitchen. If you value simplicity in these areas, white will likely be your best bet.

What color is best for ceilings?

For a clean, simple look, white ceilings are often the best choice for a room. When used overhead, white tends to disappear, so your attention focuses on the walls and furnishings. A white ceiling can also offset an intense wall color. Boldly colored walls appear crisp and sharp, and the ceiling feels higher.

Do you paint kitchen ceiling same color as walls?

Paint your ceiling the same color as your walls. This will draw the eye up, which creates the illusion of a larger room and higher ceilings. Bonus if you’re able to install some trim and crown molding, as I’ve found this can also make the ceilings look higher.

What kind of paint do you use on a popcorn ceiling?

What’s the Best Paint for Popcorn Ceilings? Acrylic latex paint works fine on popcorn ceilings. Unless the ceiling is in a kitchen or bathroom, flat paint is best. Flat paint helps hide uneven texture and other imperfections.

What sort of paint do you use on a kitchen ceiling?

Interior water-based paints, such as latex or latex enamel, also work well on a kitchen ceiling. As an added perk, numerous color and sheen options are available, which comes in handy if you don’t want a matte white kitchen ceiling or if you want to match ceiling and wall colors.

What is the best paint for a kitchen?

The most popular kitchen colors are comfortable, earthy and always warm. For this reason, red, yellow, orange, brown, beige and certain shades of green are considered best for painting kitchens.

What is the best interior ceiling paint?

Regardless of color, the best paint for ceilings is flat latex. It has a soft texture and matte finish that absorbs light, helping to hide underlying flaws. Matte paint does stain more easily than other types of finish, and it is hard to wash without removing traces of the paint along with the dirt.

How do you paint kitchen ceiling?

Use a stepladder to paint a 2-inch to 3-inch cut-line along the edge of the ceiling. Start in a corner and with a 2-inch trim brush, paint about three feet along one wall, then the adjoining wall. While the cut-line is still wet, move onto the next step and begin painting the ceiling with a paint roller.