Real Tobacco VS Synthetic Tobacco

It is an eternal truth that humankind is enslaved by habits both good and bad. One of the most common bad habits that almost 65% of the world population is trying to give up is smoking. There are multitudes of ways available all over the internet to get rid of the habit. Apart from self-help books, therapies, and nicotine patches, there is another way to combat this issue.

Electronic Cigarettes or E-Cigarettes are often used as substitutes for the real ones since they use aerosol-based e-cigarettes liquids that are almost as good as real tobacco but without the ill effects of nicotine. Therefore, E-cigarettes can easily be deemed as a harmless alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Tobacco: The main ingredient of cigarettes

Tobacco is not a single plant but a name given to a group of plants that fall under the genus of Nicotiana. Large tobacco cultivation farms are present almost all over the world where tobacco plants are reared on a commercial level. Once the plants are harvested, the leaves are cured by several processes. The most common curing processes are as below:

  • Air-Cured
  • Fire-Cured
  • Flue-Cured
  • Sun-Cured

Once the curing process is completed, the cured leaves are crushed and used in cigars, cigarettes, pipes, hookas, along with chewing, snuffling or dipping purposes as well.

E-Cigarettes Tobacco Flavors

While the real tobacco forms the primary ingredient of the cigarettes, synthetically processed tobacco-flavored e-cigarette fluids are the main USP of e-cigarettes. These fluids are aerosol-based. The constituents of these e-cigarette flavors vary from brand to brand. However, there are some common ingredients, which can be found in almost all the e-cigarettes liquids. They are propylene, glycerin, and glycol along with flavorings.

The flavoring part of the e-cigarette juice is responsible for the flavor of the e-cigarette. They are processed in laboratories with the chemical to bring out the exact flavor. Sometimes, flavors that are extracted naturally are used as well for some high-end brands.

Real Tobacco and Tobacco Flavored Vape Juices

Real Tobacco will always win on the stimulation on nerves. Smoking and Inhaling tobacco fumes give a sudden kick in the system for smokers who inhale the fumes. The instant sense of euphoria and lightheadedness is the most enjoyable factor in smoking or consuming real tobacco.

Synthetically processed tobacco vape juices would never be as effective as the real deal for stimulation and euphoria. They are only responsible for the taste of tobacco while smoking an e-cigarette.

Despite being a good stimulant, the health hazards of tobacco are numerous. Diseases of the heart, lungs, liver, and many other vital organs have been linked with tobacco use. Aerosol based flavors are not that great as well. The overuse of such products has adverse effects on health as well.