Perfect Rem Sleep Calculator For Wakeup

There are many smartphone apps like Sleep Cycle uses the average human’s sleep pattern to determine the best time one should wake up. The idea is when there is a disturbance in the sleep REM cycle, there might be grogginess upon waking up.

There was a candidate that told me that he felt refreshed after eight REM cycles that were recorded in the phone. An average person will only get four REM periods per night.

There isn’t a perfect REM sleep calculator for wakeup or an optimal number of sleep cycles. Don’t even worry about perfect sleep, as studies suggest that the stage of sleep we wake up from is called sleep inertia and does not affect the person’s cognitive performance.

Sleep tracking apps are not the best way to assess sleep. People are getting attuned to their rhythm or lack of sleep on their bodies. Rest is a significant health factor that can be altered.

Do you ever use sleep-tracking apps? How accurate are the results? Grab your SleepCycle today! 

What The Sleep Position Means

There is much research that states what your sleep position says about your health.

Sleeping on the stomach:

This means sleeping on your belly. You protect your tummy, the part of the body that is the most vulnerable to harm. You are a stoic person. This means you are private. It is not suitable for your lower back. Therefore, you might want to venture into different sleeping positions. It will decrease snoring.

Sleeping on your back:

Open to projecting certain things, and it means the person is open. This is the position animals sleep in when they feel secure with you.

Fairly confident position. It means the person has a cautious personality. Has a healthy spine that aids in walking and dancing.

Sleeping In Fetal Position:

The person is feeling insecure and needs protection. Fetal position is a way to protect yourself from the universe when you feel vulnerable. It is a regressive position.

Sleeping On The Side:

This means maintaining a balance. Most people sleep in this position. This person will have a better digestive system.

Sleeping on one side indicates feelings of harmony to the universe. You don’t have to hideaway.

Natural Latex Mattress Benefits For Health

Understanding The Benefits Of A Mattress

The mattress gains a reputation as being one of the most durable mattresses to sleep on. Latex can give the body the support it needs, and it can bounce back to its original state once you leave the bed.

You will need to research hard on Latex mattresses if you want to replace your old mattress.

What Is A Latex Mattress

Latex comes from the tree sap of rubber tree and has the elasticity to make the bed sleep-friendly for everyone.

Benefits of Latex Mattress


Comfort is the top of the list to look for in a new bed. Get some pleasure either in Dunlop or Talalay. Natural latex comes in different degrees in firmness. Natural latex moulds the body shape to its bouncy state.


A natural mattress is made from sustainable materials, and it can last for 30 years, which is the source of tree sap.


A real or organic latex lasts longer than other types of mattresses that can retain comfort to the user without losing its shape.

Getting the latex mattress has many benefits, so make sure that you grab the right one.