Optimizing Product Images for Your Online Business with Fotor

One way you can boost your online business is making it stand out by having unique characteristics. Among the key characteristics is the graphics and design they utilize. For a distinct online shop focus on the visual aspect which easily draws attention. More so on your product images to improve on their outlook.

For excellent images to don your online retail site, you can sign up for a photo editing tool. A nice editing tool you can opt for is the Fotor online photo editor and designer.

All you need to do is sign up for an account and you are good to go. Additionally, you can choose to go pro using Fotor’s premium plan. You can optimize your product images in the following way to make them attractive to potential customers.

Banner Creation

You can start by having a banner for your website. A banner does more for your website to make it more visible which in turn generates more traffic to your online shop.

Fotor has the banner maker feature which allows you to create distinct banners. Under features, select the banner maker followed by preferred dimensions. Then select preferred template for your banner followed by text and a suitable background and you are through. If satisfied with the results click on import or save to download the resulting banner. When using the save button, you get to specify the file format and quality you want the designed banner in.

Background Removal

You can also add tweaks to your product’s images by removing their background. The backgrounder remover comes to your aid where you need a transparent or want to change backgrounds and a custom one.

Go to the editing section and on the basic tools, select the magic clipper. Pick a suitable brush to begin with a choice of two, either the removal or retainer brush depending on which is comfortable to you.

Move the brush over the areas you want to remove or retain. Tweak your brush size if possible. Finalize by clicking on apply. Click import to save your image with a transparent background.

Photo Editing

You can also make the photos of your products look more prominent and welcoming using the Fotor online photo editor. With the image enhancer, you can improve the look of the images by retouching using the filter and some retouches.

You can also utilize the aspects of highlighting, contrast and shadowing to make your mage look perfect. This is key to attracting clients who may be amazed by the quality of the photos which properly displays the item on sale. The photo editor is easy to use and with a few clicks, you are good to go.


Optimizing your product images is important to help your product revive more views which might translate to a successful sale. Fotor comes to your aid with its host of designing tools which can help you boost the outlook of your images.

The platform is very easy to use and comes with tools such as the photo editor, banner maker and background remover as earlier discussed. Sign up for an account and get down to optimize your product images for a high sales volume.