Is Zaregoto novel good?

Zaregoto Series could be one of the best works that I have read in my life. It mix a lot of elements and tools that make the story so enjoyable and intriguing. I’ve read the first 5 novels that are available in english/spanish in internet, and I’m desperately waiting for the rest.

Where can I read Zaregoto?

Read Zaregoto Novel – Read Zaregoto novel online at

How many volumes does a Zaregoto have?


Demographic Male
Original run April 4, 2014 – November 11, 2020
Volumes 5
Original video animation

Who is the killer in Zaregoto?

Hitoshiki Zerozaki
Hitoshiki Zerozaki (零崎 人識 Zerozaki Hitoshiki), also known as Human Failure (人間失格, Ningen Shikkaku), or No Longer Human in the Vertical English translation, formerly Toshiki Migiwame (汀目 俊希, Migiwame Toshiki), is a member of the Zerozaki Clan and the serial killer of the Kyoto serial murder case.

Is Zaregoto related to Monogatari?

Nisio Isin is best known for the Monogatari series, which began as a trilogy of short stories on the Mephisto magazine in 2005, and developed into an ongoing series with 26 volumes and two more to be released. It has been adapted as anime up to Zoku Owarimonogatari, and it has also been adapted as manga.

Did NisiOisiN write Death Note?

Nisio Isin (西尾維新, Nishio Ishin), commonly stylized NisiOisiN to emphasize the palindrome, is the pen name of a Japanese novelist and manga writer. He is notably the author of Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases, which was released in 2006 in Japanese and in 2008 in English.

Is NisiOisiN still writing Monogatari?

Nisio Isin (西尾 維新, Nishio Ishin), frequently written as NisiOisiN to emphasize that his pen name is a palindrome, is a Japanese novelist and manga writer born in 1981. He is the creator of the Monogatari Series novels….Monogatari Series.

First Published Name ISBN
May 7, 2008 Kizumonogatari (傷物語) ISBN 978-4-06-283663-0