Is there Wi-Fi on IC trains?

All of Deutsche Bahn’s InterCity Express trains (ICE) already have free wifi.

How do I connect to a Wi-Fi database?

Our wifi is very easy to use:

  1. Enable wifi on your device and select “WIFI@DB” as network.
  2. Automatically opens the homepage of “WIFI@DB”.
  3. After confirming the general terms and conditions, click on “Go online” and with “Surf now” you can start surfing!

How do I use WIFIonICE?

On your device, connect to the Wi-Fi network “WIFIonICE” or „WIFI@DB“. Select “Go online” to accept the terms and conditions. Select “Continue” or enter “” directly in your browser.

Do ICE trains have power outlets?

– ICE International: There is 1 power socket at each pair of seats in 1st Class as well as 2nd Class.

What is dBm in Wi-Fi?

Wireless signal strength is measured in dBm (decibel milliwatts) and is, somewhat confusingly, expressed only as negative values. Maximum signal strength, you are probably standing right next to the access point. -50 dBm. Anything down to this level can be considered excellent signal strength.

How do I connect to train Wi-Fi?


  1. Make sure Wi-Fi on your device is switched on.
  2. Select ‘TPE Wi-Fi’ from your list of available networks.
  3. Launch the TPExpress App and tap ‘TV’ or visit
  4. From the Exstream home page select the Wi-Fi symbol.
  5. Log in (or register if you are a first-time user)
  6. You are now connected to the internet.

Can you charge a phone on a train?

Yes there are electrical sockets in your cabin. You can take a small bag in your cabin, big ones get checked in to the luggage carriage. over a year ago. Yes, the train has generators that produce 240 volts for safely charging mobile phone and camera batteries.

What is a good WiFi signal speed?

Any signal between -67 to -30 dBm will let you perform most online activities. -50 dBm: This is considered an excellent signal strength. -60 dBm: This is a good signal strength. -67 dBm: This is a reliable signal strength.

Is WiFi available in Vande Bharat Express?

Onboard Wi-Fi access: The Vande Bharat Express offers onboard Wi-Fi access for users to use the services of internet for infotainment. Also, on mobile phones or tablets you will be able to use internet to access content.

How do I connect to Southern WiFi?

We have free on train Wi-Fi available on our trains – you’ll see the blue “Wi-Fi” signage on the door as you board….Wi-Fi on board

  1. Select ‘southern_wifi’ from your list of networks.
  2. Open your browser and click ‘connect’
  3. You’re in!