Is there romance in Ultra Maniac?

Hiroki is in love with Nina, and he and Nina start to go out with each other mid-way through the manga. They continue to date up to the end of the series. Yuta is from the Magic Kingdom, and he and Nina are childhood friends.

Do Ayu and Kaji end up together?

So Ayu runs to tell Kaji that she likes him. So now they’re together.

Who does Nina end up with in ultra maniac?

She strives to make Ayu happy and would do anything for her. She has a magical cat named Leo in the manga, in the anime his name is Rio. she is after the 5 Holy Stones so she can become princess of the Magic Kingdom and marry the prince.

When did Ultra Maniac come out?

May 20, 2003
Ultra Maniac/First episode date

Is Elfen Lied anime?

Elfen Lied (Japanese: エルフェンリート, Hepburn: Erufen Rīto) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto. A 13-episode anime television series adaptation was produced by the studio Arms and broadcast on AT-X from July to October 2004.

How did Maya Orihara save the Prince in Ultra Maniac?

When there was a ball held ten years before the events of Ultra Maniac, the prince snuck out of the ball and tried to find solace in his hideout. He was amazed to discover children around his secret place like Nina, Yuta, Luna, and Maya. He eventually danced with Maya and when a part of a castle tower crumbled, Maya bravely saved him.

Who are the main characters in Ultra Maniac?

Cover of volume 1 of Ultra Maniac, showing Nina and Ayu. Urutora Maniakku?) is a manga series written by Wataru Yoshizumi. The romantic comedy series features 8th grader Ayu Tateishi, a tennis club member, and her transfer student friend, Nina Sakura, who is actually a trainee witch from the magical kingdom.

When did the anime Ultra Maniac come out?

The anime series premiered on May 20, 2003 in Japan on Animax, and was later licensed for Region 1 distribution by Geneon Entertainment . Ayu Tateishi is a well-adjusted 7th grader, until the fateful day when she finds a dejected looking Nina Sakura outside of the school.

What is Maya’s real name in Ultra Maniac?

Maya is Nina Sakura and Yuta Kirishima ‘s childhood friend. She is also one of the seven candidates and fiercely competes against Nina. She has two pets, a crow and a gecko named Ruru. Her real name is Maya Orphelia.