Is Revlon ColorStay whipped discontinued?

Revlon’s ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup, of course. And because Revlon has discontinued it, and we know just HOW much you all love this product, we have bought the lot for you.

Did Revlon change their ColorStay foundation?

The new ColorStay Foundation was no longer powered by the SoftFlex technology, which made the formula less matte and more satin. This new formula had SPF 15 (Combo/Oily) and SPF 20 (Normal/Dry.) After the introduction of their new 24hrs formula, it didn’t seem like Revlon could innovate their product further.

Is Revlon ColorStay foundation good for dry skin?

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Makeup delivers a flawless natural finish for normal and dry skin.

Is Revlon ColorStay good for sensitive skin?

Works for my sensitive skin.

What coverage is Revlon ColorStay?

Get a Full Cover Look SPF 34. Wears up to 24 hours. Matte finish with buildable coverage. Oil free.

Why is my foundation so cakey?

One of the main culprits of this makeup mishap is none other than applying too much product. Other reasons for cakey foundation include dry skin, not layering your makeup correctly, and not using the right skin care products. Skipping out on exfoliation is another factor that can cause cakiness.

How much is Revlon Colorstay whipped Creme Foundation?

Revlon ColorStay Full Cover Foundation arrives in a 1 oz tube and will set you back $9 to $14 depending where you buy it. I remember when I purchased Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation it was around $11 at Harmon’s but around $14 at CVS and Walgreens.

Is the Revlon Colorstay Foundation good for primer?

Revlon ColorStay Full Cover Foundation is a good solution for those seeking a hybrid formula that acts as a primer and a foundation. It’s a fairly easy application so long as you aren’t using a silicone primer.

How does Revlon Colorstay 24 Hour coverage work?

Revlon says this will provide 24 hour matte coverage that doesn’t cake or dry and blends easily. The formula is a thicker whipped texture which doesn’t work well with silicone primers since it is already loaded with silicone which allows it to act as a primer itself.