Is Mt Fuji 5th station open?

The Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station is accessible almost year round, snow conditions permitting, and is a popular sightseeing spot even outside of the climbing season.

How high up is the 5th station on Mt Fuji?

When you get off at Mount Fuji 5th station, you are already at 2,305m above sea level. If you start climbing before you get used to the high altitude, you have more chance to suffer from altitude sickness.

Can you drive to Mt Fuji 5th station?

You can reach the fifth station by car on the Subaru Line, a scenic toll road that climbs Mt. The road is accessible most of the year but is closed to private vehicles during the busy climbing season (July 1 to September 10). The Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station has parking, coin lockers, and restaurants.

How do I get to Fuji 5th station from Tokyo?

Taking a train from Tokyo to Mount Fuji

  1. Take the Fuji Excursion Limited Express train from Shinjuku Station direct to Kawaguchiko Station.
  2. Take a JR Limited Express train (Azusa or Kaiji) from Shinjuku Station to Otsuki, then transfer to the Fujikyu Railway for Kawaguchiko.

What do you wear to Mount Fuji 5th station?

Since it feels cool even near fifth station, it is important to wear a solid warm clothes. However, the body may become warm while climbing. If you sweat it will cool your body, it is important to adjust your clothes with a windbreaker etc. as soon as you get out when it gets hot.

Is Mt Fuji active 2021?

The volcano is considered active and has erupted more than 15 times since 781. However, Mount Fuji has been dormant since an eruption in 1707, and its last signs of volcanic activity occurred in the 1960s. Given concerns about the extensive damage that would be caused by an eruption, Fuji is monitored 24 hours a day.

Where is the 5th station in Mount Fuji?

most visited in Mount Fuji. The Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station ( x m X o C ܍ , Fuji Subaru Line Gogōme, also known as Yoshidaguchi 5th Station or Kawaguchiko 5th Station) lies at approximately the halfway point of the Yoshida Trail, which leads from Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine at the mountain’s base to the summit of Mount Fuji.

Is there a bus from Kawaguchiko to Mount Fuji?

Bus Timetables: Mount Fuji (Off-Season) 5th Station Kawaguchiko Station Fujisan Station A 11:40 12:25 12:35 B 13:40 14:25 14:35 A 15:40 16:25 16:35

How to get to 5th station from Kawaguchiko?

By taxi or rental car. Another option is taking a taxi to the 5th Station. A regular sized taxi takes about 50 minutes and costs about 12,000 yen one way from Kawaguchiko Station (including the fee for the toll road).

How tall is the Fuji Subaru line 5th station?

At 2300 meters above sea level, the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station offers a commanding view of the Fuji Five Lakes area below, making it a popular spot even for those who are not intent on climbing the mountain.