Is Lenovo T430 good for gaming?

Despite its ability to run Fortnite at the most minimal settings, the Lenovo T430 is by no means a gaming laptop. If you want a gaming laptop, you’ll need to start looking at Alienware systems and be prepared to spend $3,000 to $4,000 on it every two to three years.

What RAM does Lenovo T430 use?

The T430 takes two 1600 MHz PC3-12800 SO-DIMMs and supports up to 16GB memory.

How old is a ThinkPad T430?


Model Release date (US) Memory
T430 June 2012 16 GiB DDR3L 1600 MHz (2 slots)
T430s 16 GiB DDR3L 1600 MHz (2 slots)
Modern case
T430u Sept 2012 16 GiB DDR3L 1600 MHz (2 slots)

How long does T430 battery last?

Battery life up to 13 hours with 6-cell and optional 3-cell bay batteries.

Does T430 have HDMI?

Lenovo T430 has a mini displayport, so this cable should work. Yes, this cable will work to connect your Lenovo T430 to a television or other display with an HDMI port.

How old are ThinkPads?

The ThinkPad line was first developed at the IBM Yamato Facility in Japan, and the first ThinkPads were released in October 1992.

Does Lenovo Thinkpad have mini DisplayPort?

The input is compatible with DisplayPort 1.2 specification and HDMI output supports high resolutions up to 3840×2160, 30Hz. Connectors are mini-DisplayPort Male and HDMI Female.

What are the specs of a ThinkPad T430s?

ThinkPad T430s Product Specifications Reference (PSREF) Premiere performance and ultraportability; two spindles Intel Core i5-3320M processor (2 cores, 2.60GHz, 3MB cache) , Intel HD Graphics 4000 ,

Is the Dell PowerEdge T430 a good server?

The powerful and reliable PowerEdge T430 two-socket tower server delivers performance, expandability and quiet operation to office environments.

What kind of touch pad does ThinkPad T410 have?

All systems come with the UltraNav dual-pointing system, featuring TrackPoint and customized touch pad for the ultimate in pointing flexibility is a part of the keyboard. The TrackPoint features Press-to-Select, Internet scroll, and magnifying glass for accurate and convenient control.

How does a ThinkPad T410 fingerprint reader work?

Fingerprint reader on selected models, offers users a convenient solution, authenticate at system startup and log on to Windows with a swipe of your finger. A Power-on password (POP) protects the system from unauthorized use. If a POP is set, the password prompt appears: