Is Kilz a good exterior paint too?

Siding is a prominent exterior building material on many homes and businesses, and KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint is a great choice for painting them. Depending on the type of material, a single gallon of KILZ can coat up to 500 square feet of surface – up to 200 square feet if it’s highly porous.

Can you put tint in Kilz?

Kilz paint is a water-based latex primer and sealer. Available in quart, gallon, and 5-gallon sizes, Kilz comes in basic white and can be used as is or tinted to the color of your choice.Kilz is not meant to be the eventual finish coat. Instead, its chalky finish is meant as a base for other paints.

Can you use oil based Kilz with a latex paint?

Answer: Kilz Restoration primer, formerly Kilz Max, is a water-based product that can be top coated with oil-based and latex paint. If the only issue is the bleed-through, priming with oil-based primer will stop the nicotine bleed-through and work fine over the latex underneath.

What is Kilz used for?

Kilz is a primer used to help prevent stains and mold on surfaces prior to applying a layer of paint. It comes as both an oil and water-based primer.

Will Kilz paint cover up mold?

Kilz is not anti-mold paint . Once the source of the moisture has been corrected, go to your local Home Depot and buy Concrobium fungicide spray. It’s all natural and an encapsulant. It comes in a spray bottle. Follow the directions. This will kill the mold as well as prevent new mold from growing.

What is stain blocker?

Stain Blocker. Stain Blocker is General Finishes’s revolutionary water-based white primer for interior projects. Stain Blocker can be used to protect pigmented finishes from stain, dye and wood tannin bleed-through.

What is stain blocking paint?

Stain-blocking primers are used to cover stains such as watermarks, nicotine (actually tar), markers, smoke, and prevent them bleeding through newly applied layers of paint. They also provide adhesion over problematic surfaces, giving better film leveling, and durability. Commonly used stain-blocking paints include acrylic and alkyd.