Is it OK to have a master bath without a tub?

We get this question a lot, “Do I need a bathtub in my Master Bathroom?” The short answer is no. A soaking tub is aesthetically beautiful, but if you are not a bath person now, adding a gorgeous tub as part of your Master Bathroom remodel won’t necessarily mean you’ll use it more often in the future.

What can you put in a bathroom instead of a bathtub?

On-the-go homeowners these days have realized that a cramped shower with few features makes for a terrible experience. Instead of a spa experience in a soaking tub, couples are opting for showers with extra shower heads, benches, steam options, and even built-in sound systems.

What is a bathroom without a bath called?

A half bathroom is a bathroom that does not contain a bath or a shower, just a toilet and sink.

Are bathtubs out of style?

The freestanding bathtub is a current bathroom remodeling trend that may soon be going out of style. Freestanding bathtubs are also very heavy and may require a reinforced floor.

Does replacing bath with shower devalue house?

Replacing the tub with a shower in the only bathroom is riskier than switching from tub to shower in a second or third bathroom. The National Association of Realtors says as long as the home has at least one tub, switching from a tub to a shower shouldn’t negatively impact resale value.

Does no tub in master bath hurt resale?

Some real estate agents have advised that as long as your home has at least one tub, even if it’s not in the master bath, you should be okay. If the master bath tub is your only tub, removing it could be detrimental to the value of your home and exclude many potential buyers.

How do you soak without a tub?

Here’s how.

  1. SOOTHING FOOT SOAK. While you probably won’t be installing a tub into your apartment anytime soon, you can pick up a smaller basin to soak your feet.
  2. GENTLE BODY SCRUB. Keep a jar of Sea Soak in your shower to use as a daily body scrub.

Does not having a tub in master bath hurt resale?

The short answer, when considering resale, is yes. Ideally you should have at least one bathtub in your home if you plan to sell in the near future, but this does not have to be in your master bathroom. They’re also sought after by people looking for high-end properties with multiple, well-equipped bathrooms.

Does a bathroom need a tub to be considered a full bath?

Typically, a bathroom must have a toilet, sink, and tub to be considered a full bath. A bath with a toilet, sink, and shower, but no tub, would be considered a three-quarter bath. When deciding whether to ditch the tub for a larger shower, you should consider how long you plan to be in your home.

Does having no bathtub hurt resale?

Eliminating a home’s only full bathroom could turn off potential buyers. The National Association of Realtors says as long as the home has at least one tub, switching from a tub to a shower shouldn’t negatively impact resale value.

Does removing master bathtub hurt resale?

Does a master bathroom need a bathtub?

You MUST have a tub in your master bathroom if either of the following is true: 1. You do not have a bathtub elsewhere. Buyers with small children need a place to bathe the kiddos, so one bathtub per household is a necessary element for resale.

Can you sell a house without a bathtub?

Of course, homes without bathtubs are not impossible to sell. Some bathrooms are just too small, and the shower wins out as the better option. Grubb has seen this case often when clients with small condominiums sacrifice a tub for a shower.

What is a master bathroom?

A master bathroom is the largest bathroom in the house and features all the necessary amenities for cleaning the body. A toilet, sink, bath tub or shower, and mirror are almost always included in a master bathroom. The floor and walls of the bathroom are made from materials that are resistant to water damage as well.