Is InStyler wet to dry?

The InStyler MAX PRIME Wet to Dry 1.25” Rotating Styling Iron is the only wet-to-dry styler that utilizes patented rotating technology to straighten, add curls, and waves, while simultaneously drying hair. Skip the blow drying and easily get that coveted blowout look.

Can I use the InStyler on wet hair?

(You can use it when your hair is wet too, but I thought it would be easier to try for the first time when my hair was dry.) I also added a heat protection spray to protect my hair from the iron’s hot temps.

Can you use InStyler rotating iron on wet hair?

“ The Wet to Dry InStyler is designed to help you save time blow drying your hair, but it shouldn’t be used on completely wet hair. Towel dry the hair thoroughly, and begin with hair that is as dry as possible. You will become more efficient at styling your hair each time you use your InStyler.

What does the InStyler do to your hair?

The Instyler is a rotating curling iron that can give your hair a ton of volume and lift without a lot of work. Curling your hair with the Instyler is super easy, and you can choose between tight ringlets or soft, beachy waves.

Can you use InStyler Max Prime on wet hair?

Not only does MAX PRIME WET TO DRY recreate the results of a salon blowout, but it also replaces your straightener, hair dryer, and curling iron. Skip the blowdryer and go from damp hair to smooth and sleek, effortless waves, bouncy curls, or incredible volume and body.

Is the instyler wet to dry a good hair straightener?

The crackling sound means the moisture is evaporating properly from the barrel and not in your hair. The Instyler Wet-to-Dry is one of the best hair straighteners. You can use it on the toughest and most coarse hair and still get the fullness and style you desire.

Why do you need instyler wet to dry iron?

The Instyler Wet to Dry is just the perfect device which provides you with a quick solution to hairstyling. This device gives you that amazing blowout look without the need for blow-drying, and with less risk of damage. The Instyler has a dual functionality that helps you save more time from your usual styling time.

Why do we use rotating Irons in instyler?

Our patented rotating iron technology is the secret behind the faster styling: the first row of bristles smooths and separates your hair, and the second row of bristles adds insane shine to each strand of hair. The rounded design of the barrel helps add body and volume.

What’s the best way to use an instyler?

The first step is to dry your hair with a towel, make sure your remove as much water as possible. Slowly glide the Instyler down your hair. Once to dry and the other to style. Don’t use the Instyler in a hurry, you can only get good results when you glide it slowly through your hair.