Is Eterna a luxury watch brand?

Eterna is a Swiss luxury watch company founded in Grenchen, Canton Solothurn, on 7 November 1856 by Josef Girard and Urs Schild.

Are Eterna Matic watches any good?

I agree wholeheartedly that this is a great brand and an excellent and underrated value. Once you hold one in your hands, you will immediately notice the high quality. You can afford to be patient and wait for a better example. Wearing my Super Kontiki today.

How big is the Eterna Matic Centenaire 61?

Eterna.Matic Centenaire 61. Calibre: 1438 U quick date setting. BpH. 18.000. Start of production 1956. Size 35 mm. including signed crown x 42 mm. lug to lug. Shining hands and soft textured dial. Signed Centenaire at the back side.

What kind of Eterna Matic do you use?

Eterna Vintage 1960’s Eterna Matic 1000 Automatic Date Men’s… Eterna 1960’s Vintage Eterna Eterna-matic 14k Yellow Gold… Eterna matic, airforce, III, AIRFORCE III, CALIBER, 7750… Eterna Vintage 1960’s Eterna Matic Automatic Date Men’s… Eterna 1957 Vintage Eterna Eterna-matic 10k Yellow Gold Filled…

When was the 150th anniversary of the Eterna Matic?

The ultra-thin automatic 3030 was produced for the 150th anniversary in 2006. In 2009, a half-century after the Eterna-Matic, the “Spherodrive” once again highlighted the significance of tiny ball-bearings in mechanical watchmaking. The company remains active in wristwatch design. 1956: The 100th anniversary “Centenaire” automatic.

What is the calibre of an Eterna Matic watch?

Calibre: 1414 U start of production 1952. Movement: 5111217. Case ref. 432 T case no: 4894987 gold plated top steel back. In mint condition! and of course complete serviced as usual. Non-brand strap signed buckle and crown, size without signed crown 34 mm. Calibre 1414 U is based at Eta 2385 but made to Eterna specification.