Is Ergo Proxy sad?

It’s definitely a good old anime. The character as well as the play are very well thought out and seem to have taken a lot of time and effort. It’s depressing that it doesn’t have a sequel where it actually explains the world of ergo proxy since the story is very confusing.

Is Ergo Proxy dark?

Famed for its intense cyberpunk weirdness, Ergo Proxy was a fantastic series, and here are 10 similar series for fans of darker storylines and themes. Viewers who have just finished this fantastic anime need not worry; you can get your fix of this style in a variety of different shows!

Does Ergo Proxy have romance?

It doesn’t really have romance. It might be romance to frog people, but it’s just a bunch of sexual tension that goes nowhere… Like a lot of things in the show.

What happens at the end of Ergo Proxy?

Vincent has no split-personality anymore; he and Ergo have merged together into one person. Vincent looks at the ships with blue eyes stating he is Ergo Proxy, the Agent of Death. And that’s how the story ends.

What do you need to know about Polyphonica?

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica (later only SSP) can be seen as your every-day normal romance/slice of life/fantasy anime with all the basic elements (via spirits, magic/abilities, school, romance etc.) but it also has something you won´t find in many (if any) anime of this genre and that is the concept behind it all.

Is there an anime adaptation of Shinkyoku Polyphonica?

An anime adaptation that aired in Japan between April to June 2007. Another anime adaption aired from April to June 2009, and was a prequel of the events in the first anime. The original game, the Crimson series, will start its second installment, covering the third and fourth story.

Are there spirits in the world of Polyphonica?

In the continent of Polyphonica, spirits materialize in the world, surviving on the music that is played by humans, and live together with them. While the spirits do not appear often, some spirits have enough power to materialize in human or animal forms.

Who are the Dantists in the book Polyphonica?

Polyphonica is a place in which humans and spirits coexist; spirits gain their energy from the music of humans known as Dantists. The spirit Corticarte and her Dantist Phoron, along with their friends in the Tsuge Divine Song Players’ Dispatch Office, take on cases to help the population deal with problems requiring their unique skills.