Is canik TP9SA a good gun?

It’s a quality handgun that fires great and is fun to shoot. The TP9SF comes with some high-grade features–most notably its trigger–and a reliability factor you would come to expect for a conceal carry firearm. Not only that…But the Canik is perfect for those on a budget!

Is Century Arms the same as canik?

Basically, Canik (pronounced ‘Jhanick’ in Turkish) is a Turkish gun manufacturer and their guns are imported by Century Arms into the United States.

Is canik TP9 better than Glock?

Despite not having the service record or reputation of the Glock, the Canik TP9SA is also quite reliable, and it actually offered better accuracy than the Glock with Winchester NATO-spec 124gr +P, making it more appropriate for competition use.

What military uses canik?

The Canik TP9 SF has also recently won the National Pistol Program , and 45.000 pistols are being ushered into service by the Turkish Military and Police; it is also on sale in numerous Countries and used by local law enforcement, civilian shooters, and private security operators worldwide.

Are canik pistols any good?

The Canik TP9 and its variants is said to be an excellent pistol, full stop, as well as being a heck of a lot of bang for the buck. They’ve been called a “Glock killer.” Some people have said they’re better than pistols with more established names on the slide.

Does the Turkish military use canik?

45.000 Canik TP Series Pistols will be in service of Turkish Army and Police Forces.

Is the Canik TP9 available at Century Arms?

Century Arms Canik TP9 for sale, including the Canik TP9SF, Canik TP9SFx, Canik TP9SF Elite, Canik TP9DA, and Canik TP9SA. We also offer Canik TP9 magazines, Canik TP9 holster, and other Canik TP9 accessories, all for low prices, with quick shipping, excellent customer service, and a lifetime warranty on guns.

What kind of ammo is in the Canik tp9sa?

For the testing, I bought and shot a variety of ammo including: American Eagle 115 grain FMJ, Aguila124 grain FMJ, and Speer Lawman 124 grain Total Metal Jacket loads. I should tell you that the TP9SA and TP9SF are made in Turkey, imported and sold by Century Arms International from their FL headquarters.

Is the Canik TP9SF the same as the Walther P99?

What about the new Canik TP9SF or TP9SA? They are somewhat similar to the Walther P99 and have a few of the respected features (like great trigger) of the PPQ M2 and HK VP9. Are they quality-built, solid and reliable guns and do they meet ISO 9000 certification and other quality standards?

What kind of sight does tp9sa 2-century arms have?

Comes with industry standard dovetail sight cuts that are compatible with a large variety of aftermarket sights Comes with two mags., poly holster, paddle attachment, belt attachment, interchangeable backstraps, cleaning rod, brush and a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty