Is American ethnologist peer reviewed?

All research-article submissions are subject to double-blind peer review. We welcome research-article submissions in the major languages of anthropology other than English, to be reviewed in the original language.

Is American ethnologist a journal?

Description: American Ethnologist is a quarterly journal concerned with ethnology in the broadest sense of the term.

Is the American Anthropologist journal peer reviewed?

American Anthropologist | Reviews of Peer-Reviewed Journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

What is ScholarOne submission?

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How do you become an ethnologist?

Frequently, the student who wants to become an ethnologist will need to obtain a doctorate in the field. Many programs offer a combined master’s/doctorate, allowing students to work to the master’s level only and then leave school.

Do physical anthropologists study culture?

Physical anthropologists study human evolution and human biological diversity (both past and present) in the context of culture, history, and behavior. Some physical anthropologists also study nonhuman primates, such as chimpanzees.

WHO publishes American anthropologist?

American Anthropologist is the flagship journal of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), published quarterly by Wiley.

What kind of journal is American Antiquity?

American Antiquity is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal and is considered the premier journal of North American archaeology, devoted to the archaeology of the New World, method and theory pertinent to the study of New World archaeology, and closely related subjects.

How do I submit to ScholarOne?

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How much does ScholarOne cost?

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Who is best known as an ethnographer?

Anthropologists who focus on one culture are often called ethnographers while those who focus on several cultures are often called ethnologists. The term ethnology is credited to Adam Franz Kollár who used and defined it in his Historiae ivrisqve pvblici Regni Vngariae amoenitates published in Vienna in 1783.

Who is the editor of the American ethnologist?

Description: American Ethnologist is a quarterly journal concerned with ethnology in the broadest sense of the term. The editor welcomes manuscripts that creatively demonstrate the connections between ethnographic specificity and theoretical originality, as well as the ongoing relevance of the ethnographic imagination to the contemporary world.

Which is the best way to study ethnography?

Promoting rich ethnography and relevant, cutting-edge theory in cultural anthropology since 1842. Attend our conferences. Read our journal. Follow our conversations about human diversity.

Who are the members of the American Anthropological Society?

AES is a section of the American Anthropological Association. Islamic teacher and popular preacher Ustazah Fatimah Syarha (gesticulating) with one of her regular study groups. International Islamic University Malaysia campus, Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia, February 5, 2017.