Is a 2002 F150 a good truck?

Overall a good truck. pretty decent on gas mileage. Still looks great after a lot of years and fairly dependable.

How much horsepower does a 2002 Ford F-150 have?

195 to 380 hp
2002 Ford F-150/Horsepower

What engine does 2002 F150 have?

4.2 L V6
4.6 L V85.4 L V85.4 L V8 natural gas5.4 L V8 natural gas or propane
2002 Ford F-150/Engine

How many miles can a 2002 Ford F150 last?

The average Ford F-150 will last up to 150,000 to 300,000 miles before you will need to rebuild the engine.

How many miles can a 2002 F150 last?

To begin with, perhaps the longevity of the F150 truck is a huge draw. On average, the Ford F-150 can last between 150,000 miles, to 300,000 miles– depending on maintenance and other factors. May experts that the Ford F-150 can last up to 300,000 miles, before there is an engine rebuild that is needed.

How many miles per gallon does a 2002 Ford F 150 get?

Up to 17 city / 21 highway
2002 Ford F-150/MPG

How much can a 2002 Ford f150 pull?

2002 Ford F-150 has a towing capacity between 7700 and 8000 pounds. The payload for the truck ranges from 1,495 to 1,695 pounds.

What does XLT stand for on Ford trucks?

The XLT was Ford speak for “extra luxurious truck”. As a side-bar, the Explorer name also originated as an appearance package on the F-series as well.

What does STX stand for on a Ford?

The STX on the Ford F-150 stands for Sports Truck Extreme or Sports Truck Extra. Before 2015, STX referred to the trim, build or style of the vehicle, or what it was built for. After 2017, Ford changed the STX package to strictly an appearance package.

How much does a f150 2002 weigh?

3,935 to 4,994 lbs
2002 Ford F-150/Curb weight

Where can I buy a 2002 Ford F150?

Used 2002 Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab Short Bed 4D Prices | Kelley Blue Book See pricing for the Used 2002 Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab Short Bed 4D. Get KBB Fair Purchase Price, MSRP, and dealer invoice price for the 2002 Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab Short Bed 4D. View local inventory and get a quote from a dealer in your area.

Is the Ford F 150 the same size as the SuperCab?

Despite the larger cabin, the F-150 SuperCrew is still the same overall length as the SuperCab model. Add King Ranch or Harley Davidson trim to a Lariat, and you’ve got the finest F-150 money can buy. On both pavement and rocky trails, the F-150 offers up a stable ride and plenty of power.

Where was the 2002 Ford F-150 Lariat last serviced?

1st owner drove an estimated 0 miles/year • 2nd owner drove an estimated 0 miles/year • 3rd owner drove an estimated 8,887 miles/year • 4th owner drove an estimated 5,466 miles/year. Last serviced at 142,344 miles in Chandler, AZ on 03/17/21 • Vehicle serviced.

Is the passenger side door lock on a 2002 Ford F150?

We’re sorry, our experts haven’t reviewed this car yet. Check back with us soon. Showing 3 of 1,433 reviews. It has been well taken care of. Passenger side door lock doesn’t work.