How would you describe Hades?

Hades was depicted as stern and pitiless, unmoved by prayer or sacrifice (like death itself). Forbidding and aloof, he never quite emerges as a distinct personality from the shadowy darkness of his realm, not even in the myth of his abduction of Persephone.

What are 4 traits of Hades?

Hades’ Characteristics Hades’s strengths include his wealth of the earth, especially precious metals; persistence; and determinedness. His weaknesses include his passion for Persephone (also known as Kore), the daughter of Demeter and Zeus, and his own niece. (He kidnaps her to be his wife.)

What are the three parts of Hades?

The Underworld was composed of three parts/areas: the Asphodel Fields [or Meadows], the Elysian Fields and Tartarus. The Asphodel Fields [Meadows] was the place most dead people would go to.

What things does Hades love?

Hades loved to play. One of his favorite belongings was his invisible helmet. He had a lot of fun with that. More than anything, except for his beloved dog, Cerberus, Hades loved his golden chariot.

What does the god Hades look like?

Hades is usually pictured with a beard, a helmet or crown, and holding a two-pronged pitchfork or a staff. Often his three headed dog, Cerberus, is with him.

Why was Hades important to the Greek gods?

Hades was very selfish and persuasive. Hades might be gloomy but have fun on his on term. Being one of the top three most powerful god to one of the most hated god. Hades is important in certain way.

Why did Hades put Persephone in the underworld?

Down in the Underworld, Persephone was distraught. Hades was kind to her and showered her with gifts, but she missed her mother and the world above. Hades was saddened, but he was also patient. He put Persephone’s thrown right next to his and, unlike the other Gods, allowed her equal rule along side him.

What was the underworld like in Greek mythology?

The Underworld, better known as Hades after the god who ruled it, was a dark and dreary place where the shades, or souls, of those who died lived. In the next few minutes, I will tell you about how one came to die, the topography of the Underworld, and the beings whom dwelled there.

Who are the gods of Hades in the Iliad?

REALM OF HADES IN THE ILIAD. In Homer’s Iliad the dead descend into a murky, subterranean realm ruled by the gods Haides and Persephone. It is called dôma Aidao “the house (domain) of Haides” or domoi Aidao “the dwelling-places of Haides.”.