How well do I know my friend Questions?

What am I most afraid of?

  • Where can you always find me?
  • What’s been my greatest accomplishment?
  • And my biggest disappointment?
  • Where would we go if we could go on any vacation?
  • Describe my perfect day.
  • Who would I invite to my fantasy dinner party?
  • When did we meet?
  • What are 21 questions to ask a friend?

    71 Good Questions To Ask Your Best Friends

    1. What embarrasses you the most and/or what’s been your most embarrassing moment?
    2. Who do you look up to the most, and what qualities do you love about that person?
    3. What would be your perfect day?
    4. What’s your biggest fear?
    5. How do you like to be comforted when you’re sad or upset?

    Do You Know Me game questions?

    How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Family

    • What’s my favorite color?
    • What game do I love to play?
    • What game do I hate to play?
    • What’s my favorite food in the whole world?
    • What’s my favorite chore? (
    • What’s my least favorite chore?
    • What’s my favorite season of the year? (
    • What’s my least favorite season of the year?

    How to test your friendship with who knows me better questions?

    Take a sheet of paper and write the names of your friends on it. On the sheet of paper, you count how many correct answers they got. Then start asking the questions. Every person has to give an answer to every question. After all the players have answered one question, you reveal the right answer and note the points on the paper sheet.

    How to do a best friend quiz for your friends?

    Quizzes for Friends. Creating your own Best Friend Quiz is super easy: Enter your name. Create and answer 10 questions about yourself. Copy quiz-link and send it to your friends. Your friends will try to answer the questions. Check the score of your friends at your quiz-link.

    How to know how much your best friend knows?

    Now we challenge you to take a quiz to find out how much you really know. We have divided the quiz into five different categories with ten questions in each: Basic Facts, Favorites, Feelings, Thoughts and Opinions, and Funny and Silly. Answer each question and then ask your best friend if your answers are correct.

    What are the questions for best friend tag?

    Best Friend Tag Questions. Best Friend Tag consists of asking and answering questions about your friendship. After you both answer, you reveal whether the answers are correct. If you wish, only one of you needs to answer the question.