How to choose a massage pillow

Those who regularly suffer from backaches and body pain after regular and long hours of office or tedious work at home know the benefits of choosing a massage pillow.

A massage pillow manufacturer brings to them the best pillows that they can use daily at home to give comfort.

Of course, going to the spa or a massage therapist is not a good outcome as it is a recurring form of a large expense.

On the other hand, if you buy a good massage pillow then you will have the solution for massage and backaches at your home only.

And guess what the massage pillows are highly portable too and thus you can easily carry them to your office, or even get a nice massage on while driving your car.

Here we shall find out how you can choose the best massage pillow that is both within your budget and made by a well-known massage pillow manufacturer.

And most important of all how you can find a massage pillow that gives you a soothing relaxation of your tweaked tissues and muscles in your shoulders, neck, waist, and other body parts.

So let’s begin.

What are some of the most important considerations when choosing a massage pillow?


The size is the largest and the most important factor for choosing a massage pillow. It should be such that you can at least cover a particular area of your body for getting a relaxing massage. And of course, it should not be too tight which indicates you bought a small size or should not be too loose, or else you won’t feel the massage.

It should just cover the area gently not too tightly. For example, the best massage pillow manufacturer will always design massage pillows that are within 15 inches long to 10 inches wide which mostly covers all parts of your shoulder, neck, and part of waist. These shapes and sizes one folded are also easier to carry.

Massage types

Of course, you need to check out the various types of massage you can get using a massage pillow. This is, without doubt, the most important thing to look for when buying from a massage pillow manufacturer.

Here are some of the type of massage pillows-

With nodes

You will find some massage pillows that have internal nodes that give a deeper and intense massage. The orientation and the number of nodes give you an idea of how deeply and soothing a massage can feel.


A massage pillow manufacturer also manufactures some massage pillows that have manually inflatable airbags in them.

The airbag can give a more gentle and kneading massage to your neck regions mostly along with parts of the shoulder, chest, and waist.


Then there are also percussion-style massage pillows that move or work your muscles. These can provide a deep tissue massage and the relaxation can be quite intense and addictive.


Some of the massage pillows produce gentle vibrations in your tissues and muscles to help them relax and regularize the blood flow and internal blood clots.

They also help to ease up tightened muscles. These can sometimes even be used for weight reduction as the muscles and tissues of a certain region will work hard during the massage time.

Features to look at-

Of course, features are something that you should check out when buying from a massage pillow manufacturer. The latest types of massage pillows have loads of new and attractive features on them that need a mention.


The foldable feature is often the most searched feature for a massage pillow. With the foldable type massage pillow, you can easily put it in your bag and it becomes portable. You can carry it to your home, office, or just about anywhere. Get time and unfold the massage pillow to get a nice and soothing massage.

Auto shutoff

The auto-shutoff models are preventive by design. It has an internal circuit design that makes the device shut off automatically once the sensors become heated.

Due to this, you don’t have to bother anymore about your massage pillow getting overheated when you are getting a nice soothing massage.


A massage pillow manufacturer will also manufacture some of the most advanced massage pillows that can give you heat sensations to the areas where massage is being done. The nice feel of gentle warm heat gives you extra relaxations and you are simply getting the best massage you can think of ever right at your home.


Some of the highly advanced massage pillows also allow you to preset a specific speed, intensity, warmth, and massage type that you choose. When you turn it on the memory allows the device to be running in the same configurations as earlier.

Finally about the price

So how much does a massage pillow manufacturer charge you for one of these advanced massage providing gadgets? Check out the various websites as they can range from within a hundred dollars to nearly a thousand dollars.