How tight should a seatpost clamp be?

An M5 bolt, typically used on many of todays clamps can be tightened to 6 foot-pounds. I’ve never used a torque wrench on bolts that small myself. I use a 4-5-6mm Y-shaped wrench and apply moderate torque. Never tighten “as tight as you can get it” even with a short handle hex wrench.

What is the torque for carbon seatpost?

It usually states the torque figure on the seatpost clamp and also it should state in the documentation that came with the seatpost. If you are using carbon grip paste it should be between 3 – 5nm.

How do you tighten a seatpost without a torque wrench?

As for torquing without a torque wrench, hold the allen key with one finger and use your whole arm movement to tighten the bolt. When the finger holding the allen key begins to extend under the tension, it’s torqued adequately.

Why does my seat post keep slipping?

All that aside, however: The most common reason for post slip we have come across is the use of the wrong type of seat post clamp for your size and type of riding. Next, apply a light film of grease to the inside of the clamp (the part in contact with the frame) and the clamp bolt threads.

How much is 5nM torque?

5nM is approximately 45 in/lbs (inch pounds) or 3 ft/lb (foot pounds). VERY LITTLE TORQUE!

Do you need a torque wrench for bottom bracket?

You’ll need a BB tool for the BB, no torque wrench needed. For the crank arm, just make it hand tight with an allen key/wrench and it’ll be close enough.

How tight is 5nM torque?

How to calculate the torque of a clamp?

Clamp loads estimated as 75% of proof load for specified bolts. Torque values listed in foot-pounds . Torque values calculated from formula T=KDF where; K=0.15 for “lubricated” condition, K=0.17 for zinc plated and dry condition (or as-received for the 12.9), K=0.20 for plain and dry

What kind of clamp should I use on my seatpost?

Whichever clamp style you choose, make sure not to overtighten your seatpost clamp (using a torque wrench and tightening to the recommended torque spec is key).

When do you tighten torque on a nut?

Tightening Torque Tightening Torque Tightening Torque Tightening Torque The torque values can only be achieved if nut (or tapped hole) has a proof load greater than or equal to the bolt’s minimum ultimate tensile strength.