How old is the Garmin Edge 520?

Product Comparison Charts:

Function/Feature Garmin Edge 520 Garmin Edge 500
Price $229 $199
Product Announcement Date July 1st, 2015 SEP 1, 2009
Actual Availability/Shipping Date July 31st, 2015 Dec 2009
GPS Recording Functionality Yes Yes

Does Zwift work with Garmin 520?

Garmin Training Status Now Includes Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest and Tacx App Workouts. Thus, you still had to start a workout on your Garmin device, even for a simple indoor ride with Zwift. Else, you’d lack the correct data on your watch.

When did the Garmin Edge 520 come out?

The Edge 520 by Garmin was released in July of 2015 and was the first device on the market to utilize the new Strava Live feature. (Strava Live is now available on the Edge 820, 1000, and 520.)

Can I connect my Garmin computer to Zwift?

Select Virtual Run by highlighting it and selecting the Start button. Press the Down button until you see OK. Press the Start button. Pair your Garmin watch to Zwift!

Can Garmin 520 control trainer?

What Garmin Devices Can Connect to a Smart Trainer? Garmin offers a number of different models that can connect to a smart trainer. Choose an option below to learn more. Mid to high range models like the Edge 130 Plus/ 520 / 520 Plus / 530 / 830 / 1030 / 1030 Plus will pair with a smart trainer.

Does the Garmin Edge 520 plus have a touch screen?

Edge 520 Plus versus the Edge 820: fewer frills and no touchscreen. The Edge 520 and 820 families share the same body, the same basic features and the same size (2.3in) screen.

Is the Garmin Edge 520 plus good for cycling?

This cycling computer features advanced navigation and challenges built right in, not to mention a bright color screen, preloaded Strava Live Segments and the Garmin Cycle Map with turn-by-turn directions. Whether you’re exploring new routes or pushing your limits at race time, Edge 520 Plus has exactly what you need.

Is the Garmin Edge 520 compatible with Strava?

Edge 520 is the first bike computer that’s compatible with Strava live segments and includes a 2-month trial of Strava Premium. With this membership, your starred Strava segments automatically sync with the 520 for live feedback during your ride.

What’s the difference between Garmin Edge 520 and 820?

Mapping and navigation using the Garmin Edge 520 The major difference between the Garmin 520 and its big brother, the Garmin 820, is that the smaller brother of the two does not included detailed maps and navigation. The 520 comes set up with a ‘basemap’ – which is pretty much the epitome of lacking detail.

Is the Garmin Edge 520 plus compatible with Ant +?

Edge 520 Plus is compatible with ANT+ ® technology sensors, including speed, cadence and heart rate. For even more performance data, 520 Plus is also compatible with ANT+ power meters, including Vector 3 (sold separately). Our unique pedal-based power meter measures total power, left/right balance and cadence.