How old is steel guitarist Mike Johnson?

Mike Johnson (guitarist)

Mike Johnson
Born 1952 (age 68–69) United States
Genres Avant-rock
Occupation(s) Musician, composer
Instruments Guitar

Who is the Steel Guitar player on Country Family Reunion?

Mike Johnson
Since 1997, Mike has been the Music Director & Steel Guitarist for the RFD TV show, COUNTRY’S FAMILY REUNION. Mike Johnson was voted the “ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC, STEEL GUITAR PLAYER OF THE YEAR” for 2006 and for 2012.

Who is the fiddle player on Country Family Reunions?

Hank Singer
On most of our shows Hank Singer plays fiddle, but Joe Spivey has also filled in from time to time as has Aubrey Haynie.

Who plays guitar for Reba?

Jeff King
Jeff King, the guitarist for Reba McEntire, wore his Peruvian Fuzz strap in Kurt Vile while performing on the Today Show earlier this month. Reba Mac and the band played, “God And My Girlfriends,” off her new gospel album Sing It Now: Songs Of Faith & Hope.

Who are the band members of country family reunion?

Les Singer Acoustic Guitar
Jimmy Capps Electric Guitar
Glen Duncan Fiddle
Dirk Johnson Piano

When did country family reunion start?

ABOUT “COUNTRY’S FAMILY REUNION” Gabriel Communications, started in 1996 by long-time disc jockey Larry Black, is the producer of the popular “Country’s Family Reunion” and “Larry’s Country Diner” series. Black first applied the “Reunion” concept to the legends of country music in 1997.

What has happened to country family reunion?

Country’s Family Reunion is not currently scheduled in 2021, or unavailable booking through us at this time.

Is family reunion still being filmed?

Big yes! The McKellan Family will be back for season 2! Netflix officially renewed Family Reunion way back in September 2019. To avoid confusion, let’s remember that season 1 was released with parts 1 and 2.