How old is Ben Hoffman?

46 years (December 13, 1974)
Ben Hoffman/Age

Who is the oldest pro triathlete?

Hiromu Inada won the Ironman world championship at the age of 85. Deemed one of the toughest endurance sports events, it requires athletes to swim 3.86 km, bike 180.25 km, and run a full 42.19 km marathon. Hiromu Inada from Japan already holds the title of the world’s oldest Ironman.

How old is the average triathlete?

With triathletes ranging in age from 19 to 85 having qualified to compete in the World Championship, the average age of 2015 age groupers is 43.2, well above the average age of professional triathletes at 33.7. The overall average age is 42.8.

How tall is Ben Hoffman?

5 ft 11 in
Ben Hoffman (triathlete)

Personal information
Born August 22, 1983 Grand Junction, Colorado
Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Weight 160 lb (73 kg)

How much is Willie Walker Jr worth?

Ben Hoffman net worth and salary: Ben Hoffman is an American comedian, actor, writer, and country music singer who has a net worth of 1 million. Ben Hoffman was born in Lexington, Kentucky in December 1974. He goes by the name Wheeler Walker Jr.

Is Wheeler Walker Jr in hoops?

The animated series Hoops, which follows a dysfunctional basketball team, features a cast of colorful characters that are voiced by comedy veterans. Writer and musician Ben Hoffman created the adult sitcom for Netflix, and the thematic content aligns with that of his pop culture alter-ego Wheeler Walker Jr.

Who is the youngest person to complete an Ironman?

Philip Graves (born 7 April 1989 in York) is a British triathlete. In 2009, he became the youngest triathlete to win an Ironman competition, at age 20, when he won the Ironman UK race.

Is there an age limit for Ironman?

Must be 18 on race day for WTC/Ironman races. There is no exception.

Do triathletes get better with age?

It’s often assumed that fitness declines as we get older, but many triathletes may actually get better with age. Despite the fact that age brings a loss in muscle mass, bone density and maximal aerobic capacity, it also brings experience, which may play a greater role in triathlon than in other sports.

Is Wheeler Walker Jr a character?

Benjamin Isaac Hoffman (born December 13, 1974), better known by his stage name and alter ego Wheeler Walker, Jr., is an American comedian, actor, writer, and musician. As the Wheeler Walker, Jr. character, Hoffman has released three albums of satirical country music rife with profanity and sexually-explicit lyrics.

Can a 15 year old do a Ironman?

So sure you can race an Olympic distance at the age of 15 and down the line you might even be able to run 6:30’s in an Olympic and low 7’s in an Ironman… but if you do things the right way you can create speed and make those Olympic run splits be in the 5:xx mile range and be rocking 6’s in an Ironman.

Has anyone died Ironman Triathlon?

As well as having almost twice as many deaths as marathons, triathlons differ in another respect—the timing of those deaths. Of the deaths and cardiac arrests, almost half occurred in sprint distance races, 20 percent in Olympic-distance races, and 17 percent in half or full Ironman triathlons.