How much is the spire 4?

Item Quantity Pricing Quantity
SPIRE Level 4 Teacher’s Guide 4th Edition Item# 2039169 $61.50 Units
SPIRE Level 4 Blackline Masters 4th Edition Item# 2039209 $59.95 Units
SPIRE Level 4 Word Cards 4th Edition Item# 2039144 $51.65 Units

How many paintballs does a spire IR hold?

What Does the Spire IR² Have to Offer?

Virtue Spire IR² Bunkerkings CTRL
Intelligent Proactive Feeding
Soft On Paint
Quick Change Lid & Speedfeed
Loader Capacity 200 200

Who makes the spire hopper?

We have provided videos and all the features for you. For the latest information on all new paintball products Punishers Paintball is your one stop shop! The Spire is the the newest Loader out from Virtue! One of the main features of our new Spire loader is the the Spire Drive.

How many paintballs does the spire 4 hold?

What Does the Spire IV Have to Offer?

Spire IV Spire IR²
Wireless Settings & Firmware
Dual Reload LEDs & Speaker
Spring Ramp Included
Loader Capacity 220 200

How much does a dye LTR weigh?

The weight of the Dye LTR is 1 pound 3 ounces while the Spire Ir weights in 3 ounces less at 15.8 ounces.

What’s the difference between a spire and a spire IV?

The Spire IV features all new Proactive Feeding logic. Unlike previous Spire models, which required constant sensor readings from every shot occasionally adding in unnecessary spins while shooting, and potentially resulting in slow rates of fire from a sensor malfunction; the Spire IV features the new Proactive Logic.

Is the virtue spire 3 280 good for paintball?

The virtue spire 3 280 is exactly what I was hoping for and more. It seems to be built very well and will stand up to play just as well if not better then the spire 260 it’s replacing. I picked up a speed feed and color kit for it today at nxl Chicago and now it’s ready for the field!

Is the spire IV a toolless battery pack?

Toolless electronics for easy N-Charge battery pack installation. Spire IV Proactive Logic The Spire IV features all new proactive feeding logic.

Is the virtue spire IV compatible with IFI boards?

When the Spire IV is paired with the Virtue Ace or iFI compatible boards, the loader maintains instant communication with the marker’s eyes which allows for significant improvements as both the gun and the loader are now synced together for faster and more consistent feeding, stopping and idle performance.