How much is smartnav subscription?

Rather than having a Smartnav unit installed in your car at a cost of at least 424, including a years subscription, Smartnav mobile means you can use a Windows-based GPS mobile phone and pay just 4.95 a month or 49.95 per year.

What is trafficmaster smartnav?

Smartnav is a new, full feature, in-car vehicle navigation system from Trafficmaster. Combining a powerful off-board routing server and Trafficmaster’s accurate live traffic flow data, Smartnav offers a unique routing service by taking into account current and forecast traffic conditions.

What is smart NAV?

NaturalPoint’s SmartNav 4 is a reliable and accurate, hands-free mouse alternative that allows complete control of a computer by naturally moving the head.

How do I update my Peterbilt SmartNav?

Peterbilt SmartNav 2.0 Software Update Instructions

  1. Step 2: Download software update file.
  2. Step 3: Save the image file to a USB key.
  3. Step 4: Insert the USB KEY to the Radio front USB port.
  4. Step 5: Update process should only take a few minutes.

Who makes TrafficMaster tile?

This collection of tiles under TrafficMaster is manufactured by Armstrong. There are other items in the TrafficMaster line not manufactured by Armstrong. TrafficMaster is a brand name for The Home Depot. For floors 26294, 26293, 26346, 26321: These were previously known as Stylistik II at The Home Depot.

What is a TrafficMaster?

Trafficmaster is a division of Teletrac, one of the largest fleet companies in the UK and USA. The data is GPS sourced and centrally purchased by the Department for Transport and contains millions of GPS links broken down into 15 minute segments throughout the day.

How do I reset my Smart Nav?

Shut down the software and wait 30 seconds. Unplug the SmartNav unit from your USB port. Then plug the SmartNav back into your USB port, wait another 30 seconds and restart the software.

How do I update my smart NAV?

How do I Register my car with Trafficmaster SmartNav?

Contact our Customer Service Department via email [email protected], with the vehicle registration and the account will be made ready. Please wait at least 24hrs and then contact the Control Centre via the Smartnav Button/Screen and you will be able to register.

How does the safe speed work on SmartNav?

The Smartnav Safe Speed option alerts you when you approach zones monitored by fixed safety cameras, variable safety cameras and multi-camera detectors (also known as Specs). There are three audible alert stages. Three beeps warn you as you approach a monitored zone, followed by five beeps immediately before you enter the zone.

How can I track a stolen car with my SmartNav?

Once you have the number, call our dedicated Stolen Vehicle Tracking phone line 0344 561 9990. The Trackstar Team will activate the GPS tracking function in your vehicle’s Smartnav unit, which then tells us the car’s exact location every 20 seconds. We continuously update the Police with the vehicle’s location to help them recover it.

Do you need a SmartNav to use European navigation?

European navigation is subject to ownership of a compatible Smartnav unit and a UK Navigation subscription for the duration of the European stay. European Navigation option is available for a single month or as an annual subscription for regular travelers.