How much is Dragon Blade riven?

Dragonblade Riven
Champion Riven
RP 1350
Release 2014-01-28
Artist Bo Lu

How do you get Dragon Blade riven?

How to get this skin? – The skin is not available for purchase and has been placed in the Legacy Vault (they can still be mystery gifted, and only appear in a champion’s information tab if owned). The vault is usually opened for limited runs and this skin can then be purchased in the Riot Store.

Is championship riven 2012 rare?

Championship Riven is a legendary skin released back in 2012 to celebrate the 2012 World Championships….Championship Riven Skin Information.

Animations New recall animation
Sounds No new sounds
Rarity common
Release date 14/10/2012

Is the Dragonblade riven skin worth the RP?

New fire dragon particle effects for Riven’s abilities drive this skin over the top. In addition to these new particle effects, Dragonblade Riven also gets new animations for her recall, which makes use of the Dragonblade theme very well. Even with the high RP price, the Dragonblade Riven skin has a lot of value for any League of Legends player.

What kind of blade does riven have in League of Legends?

So exceptional was her dedication to the empire, that Boram Darkwill himself recognized her with a runic blade of dark metal, enchanted by a pale sorceress within his court. The weapon was heavier than a kite shield and nearly as broad—perfectly suited to Riven’s tastes.

What is the average price of a riven?

Maximum: 1500. Median: 92.5. Average: 258.35 (Average value of trades with this Riven Type) Popularity: 2 (Popularity of this Riven Type being traded within all traded Rivens) Std. Deviation: 344.62 (The average variation in the prices that the Riven trades for)

Is the League of Legends riven skin still available?

Formerly a crack member of the Crimson Elite, Riven once wielded an ancient Noxian broadsword imbued with mystical Noxian sorcery. The Dragonblade Riven League of Legends skin is a legacy skin that’s no longer available for purchase through the ingame store.