How much is a cens worth?

The Cens is the standard unit of currency in Amestris and is available in both paper bills and varied metal coins. It can be inferred that the paper bills are worth more, similar to many real-life currencies. It is equal to about one Japanese Yen in the real world.

How much is 520 CENZ?

In the Hong Kong dub of FMA, 520 cenz is translated to be $5.2, which isn’t much in Hong Kong dollars. According the Wiki (which argues that cenz is approximately equal to JPY), cenz comes both in paper bills and coins.

How large is amestris?

approximately 723,456 square kilometers
Amestris is approximately 723,456 square kilometers or about 279,327.9 square miles, which can also be found in the bottom right information box on the map.

How many dollar makes a cent?

Dollar to Cent Conversion Table

Value dollar cent
1 dollar cents
2 dollars cents
3 dollars cents
4 dollars cents

How much is 100 cents equal to?

For example, 100 cents equals 1 dollar.

Is Roy Mustang poor?

Roy works for the military, he should get paid between 660,000 to 1,106,860 cenz a month, which equates to about 6 to 10,000 USD. Yet, he lives in a dingy apartment and demanded 520 cenz from Ed!

Why did Ed borrow money from Mustang?

Ed and Al spend most of the day asking the people of Central if they have seen May or Xiao-Mei. Dropping the Elrics off at their hotel, Ed promises to hold onto it until Mustang accomplishes his dream and promises to borrow more, which is actually his way of saying that Mustang must live for a very long time.

Where is Amestris in real life?

Geographically its nothing like Earth, not even remotely close. Amestris is Germany.