How much does smart thinking cost?

Cost $10,800/year $23.00 or $23.50/hour (to be decided soon) Purchase in advance or bill monthly Tutor Academic Qualifications 90% of tutors have a relevant Master’s or PhD. 90% of tutors have a relevant Master’s or PhD.

Is smart thinking free?

Smart Thinking is a new, FREE Online Tutoring service that provides feedback on papers 24/7.

Is tutoring offered at Valencia College?

Valencia offers tutoring services at no charge to students for academic courses in which they are currently enrolled.

How do I schedule an appointment with an advisor at Valencia College?

Connect with an Advisor

  1. Zoom. See the Next Available Advisor. The Virtual Advising Center is designed so that students can meet with our advisors without coming to campus or scheduling an appointment in advance.
  2. Contact My Advisor. Make an Appointment or Send an Email.
  3. On-Campus. Connect with an advisor on-campus.

Does smarthinking work on weekends?

Sometimes, we can be there when they can’t — at night, on weekends, during holiday breaks, or if you need help with a subject they don’t support.

Is it too late to apply to Valencia College?

10 so they can finish the enrollment process and receive priority in registering for fall classes. Those who miss the Aug. 10 enrollment deadline, however, can still apply and enroll for the fall.

How do I find my academic advisor Valencia?

To find your assigned academic advisor, log into your Atlas account. Look in the Courses tab of the Academic Profile sedition. When emailing your advisor, please use your Atlas email account.

How do I use smarthinking?

Students simply click on the “Smarthinking” button, and they will be dropped into Smarthinking without having to login directly. How can students get help? Writing Center – Students may submit essays, across the curriculum, and receive a thorough critique from a ST tutor, usually within 24 hours.