How much does it cost to study in Bahrain?

University of Bahrain is average in size with a capacity of 15 thousand students. The university accepts both local and foreign students….Infrastructure of UoB.

Ranking 905 2
World ranking 905
Bachelor (foreigners) 1,000 USD/year.
Master (foreigners) 7,000 USD/year.
Living expenses $632 -1,089 USD/month

How long is medical school in Bahrain?

RCSI Bahrain offers both six-year and five-year medical degree programs. The curriculum is the same as that delivered in RCSI Dublin and students sit the same examinations at the same time as their counterparts in Dublin.

Can I study medicine in Bahrain?

RCSI Bahrain gives college degrees in medication and nursing, just as graduate degrees in nursing. Graduates are granted degrees from both RCSI Bahrain and the National University of Ireland (NUI).

Is RCSI Bahrain a good medical school?

It’s not only a prestigious medical school program but it’s well known for its world class standard of healthcare education. I did my undergraduate degree in Life Sciences and Public Health, at both University of Toronto and Ryerson University- Toronto.

Can I work and study in Bahrain?

Most university programs and college programs here allow students to work on a part-time basis preferably five days a week. You can make some pocket money working part-time while pursuing a study program in Bahrain.

Can foreigners study in Bahrain?

Students can never run out of options to study in Bahrain, as there are a lot of higher education institutions which accept foreign students. Graduate study programs usually take up to two years to complete. There are four main public universities in Bahrain: Arabian Gulf University.

Where can I study medicine in Bahrain?

Private medical schools

School Location Degrees
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland – Bahrain Busaiteen MB BCh BAO in Medicine. BSc in Nursing
AMA International University of Bahrain Salmabad M.D. and BSc in medical science

How much does it cost to go to Rcsi?

*The tuition fees for this programme are currently €24,000 per annum. However, RCSI provides successful applicants with an academic scholarships worth 25% of the total tuition fees, reducing the overall RCSI tuition fee to €18,000 per annum.

How can I practice medicine in Bahrain?

5 Steps in Getting Licensed as a Health Professional in Bahrain

  1. Submit your application online. You need to submit your application online via the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) – Bahrain’s website.
  2. Required documents.
  3. Bahrain Licensure Examination.
  4. Upload the BLE report.
  5. Pay online.

Is RCSI Bahrain hard?

As an international student, it’s difficult to step out of your comfort zone and move to a completely different environment, without having any knowledge of the place you are going to. Settling in was not difficult at all. I spent my first year at the Halls of Residence, which is a five-minute walk from campus.

How much does it cost to study in Rcsi?

Fee. For academic year 2021/2022, annual tuition fees for all stages of RCSI Bahrain’s undergraduate medicine programme are US$39,500 per annum, which includes the provision of a personal computer device for each student.

Is Bahrain good for studying?

With its rich heritage and unique culture, Bahrain is definitely one of the most interesting countries to study in the GCC. Located just off the coast of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain has continued to attract thousands of international students every year.

Which is the Best Medical University in Bahrain?

RCSI Bahrain is internationally recognized as a world-class institution providing healthcare education and training in the Kingdom, the other GCC states, MENA and beyond. RCSI

When did RCSI Medical University of Bahrain start?

The history and the formation of the Medical University of Bahrain (MUB) which is now formally known as the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland – Bahrain (RCSI Bahrain), dates back several years and is marked by a decade of educational excellence since the admission of its first students in October 2004.

Where can I get a scholarship for RCSI Bahrain?

For information on scholarships provided for RCSI Bahrain applicants, please visit our scholarships page . The fees are subject to an annual review and approval from the Higher Education Council and may change over the course of study.

What are the fees for Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland?

The fees are subject to an annual review and approval from the Higher Education Council and may change over the course of study. A fee payment schedule will be further outlined in your offer letter. To confirm acceptance of your offer, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the annual fee is required.