How much does it cost to stay at Elora Mill?

Elora Mill Hotel & Spa

Commission Rooms Rates
5% 30 $395-$672 (USD)

Is the Elora Mill Open?

We are still open for indoor dining and very limited guest reservations for dinner. We highly recommend making reservations to be sure you won’t be disappointed. Our Spa and all of its services will be operating in the same manner as before as well.

How old is the Elora Mill?

The extant five-storey Elora grist mill was built in 1832, and through its history housed a sawmill, distillery and flour mill. In the 1970s, it became a hotel called the Elora Mill Inn, which closed in 2010.

Who owns Elora Mill?

Pearle Hospitality
Elora Mill was purchased by Pearle Hospitality in 2010. It is currently undergoing a large restoration/renovation process. Once re-open, the facility will host a fine dining restaurant, luxury hotel and spa and gastropub, and will reclaim its rightful place as a premier destination in the Elora area.

Is Elora Mill pool open in winter?

Is the pool heated for winter use? The pool is heated and was used for outdoor but they are now closing it for the season.

When did the Elora Mill reopen?

TRANSFORMATION: Communities across Canada cope with change At the centre of it all is the new Elora Mill Hotel and Spa, which reopened on July 6.

What is there to do in Elora today?

The Elora Quarry Conservation Area: The Elora Quarry.

  • The Elora Gorge Conservation Area.
  • One Axe Pursuits.
  • Elora Rapids & Adventure Tours.
  • Elora Raft Rides.
  • Elora Mill Restaurant.
  • The Friendly Society.
  • The Evelyn.
  • What is the population of Elora Ontario?

    about 7,800
    With a population of about 7,800 in Elora and 21,000 in Fergus, the towns bustle with natural beauty, boutiques, fine dining, galleries and artist studios along with the spectacular Elora Gorge in the Grand River valley.

    How many rooms are in Elora Mill Hotel?

    Elora Mill Hotel & Spa offers 27 luxurious guest rooms and six room types that showcase the finest in retreat indulgence. Individually appointed with rustic, modern and French designs to reflect the dynamic history of the building, most rooms feature wood-burning fireplaces and king-sized beds.

    Is the Elora Gorge in the Grand River valley?

    The Elora Gorge is one of the most beautiful and spectacular natural areas in the Grand River valley. The Grand River rushes past 22-metre high cliffs. Riverside trails (with safety barriers) and scenic overlooks provide hikers with stunning views of the water far below where kayakers and tubers make their way through the rapids.

    What makes the food at the Elora Mill so good?

    Delight in a menu that changes in tandem with the seasons to offer dishes ever inspired by freshness and locality. Drawing inspiration from the indigenous bounty of local fare, the essence of the Elora Mill Hotel & Spa’s food philosophy is heightened by an uncompromising aesthetic and exceptional service.

    What to eat at the Elora Gorge Falls?

    Elora Gorge Falls is what you should see after having a meal at Elora Mill. The key aspect of Elora Mill is the Canadian cuisine. At this place, visitors may have good scallops, steaks and cobb salads. It might be cool to try delicious wine. There is a lovely view from this spot.