How much does AK-47 Autoflower yield?


Gender ♀ Feminized autoflower
Height outdoor 60 – 100 cm
Yield indoor 450 – 550 gram/m²
Yield outdoor 550 – 650 gram/m²
Fungi resistance High

Is AK47 an Autoflower?

AK47 is a classic and loved by many users and growers for its hard-hitting effects and good yields and now it is available in autoflowering form. After only 3-4 weeks of vegetative growth, Royal AK Automatic switches to flowering, reaching full maturity only 9-10 weeks after planting.

What is the difference between feminized and auto feminized?

There is one significant difference between auto-flowering and feminized cannabis seeds. Auto-flowers offer 100% automatic flowering. With feminized seeds, you can achieve cloning and have as many plants as you need. Experts also note that auto-flowering yields are less potent than those from feminized seeds.

Is Autoflower Indica or sativa?

Modern Day Cannabis Autoflowers Today’s autoflower plants are created by crossing C. ruderalis with an indica or sativa cannabis strain. Next, the resulting strain is then bred and selected over many generations to develop the best qualities of both.

How long does AK-47 Autoflower take to grow?

AK-47 has a lightning-fast flowering time of just seven weeks and will produce 14 ounces of cannabis per square meter planted.

What strain is AK-47 Autoflower?

The AK-47 autoflower strain of marijuana is a sativa-dominant strain of marijuana, with three sativa parents and one indica parent. The three sativa parents’ ancestors come from South America, Mexico, and Thailand. The indica ancestor, meanwhile, comes from Afghanistan.

Should I buy regular or feminized seeds?

If so, regular seeds are the way to go, as they have far more stable genetics, and regular seed packs will produce male plants for the breeding process. However, if you’re focused mainly on yielding high-quality usable bud, then we highly recommend you buy some feminized seeds instead.

What are the side effects of AK 47?

AK 47 is a Sativa-dominant hybrid characterized by bright white accents.Ironically AK 47 strain name lies in direct contrast to the effects that it emotes-inducing users to become extremely mellow. It can enhance creativity in some individuals, but almost uniformly users of AK 47 strain describe feelings of peace and euphoria.

Where does the AK 47 seed come from?

The AK 47 seeds for sale by Farmers Lab Seeds are derived from four main strains-Colombia, Mexico, Thai and Afghanistan. If one was to try and estimate the dominance of the strain, about 65% of it is Indica with the remaining Sativa. It isn’t known for extremely high THC levels and has CBD quantities of around 1.5% on average.

How often can you harvest AK 47 auto?

The AK 47 auto strain is an easy to grow and maintain strain. That’s why it’s perfect for beginning growers. It will flower for 8 to 9 weeks and lucky for you: you can harvest the AK 47 autoflower twice a year. This weed has a sweet and fruity lime taste.

What kind of marijuana can you grow with AK47?

In states where people are allowed to grow AK47 marijuana plants, this potent strain makes up a large part of many grow operations. The parent strains come together to produce a lovely range of flavors with a THC level that can reach 20%. The strain is a mixture of different cannabis varieties from around the globe.