How much does a Yanmar 80 weight?

18,136 lbs
Construction Equipment | Excavators | Compact Excavators: ViO80 – ViO100

Weight 18,136 lbs
Horsepower 56.9 HP
Max Dig Depth 15’4″

How much does a Yanmar weigh?

12,247 lbs
YANMAR has also pioneered some of the industry’s most innovative technology, including the first zero tail swing excavator….Power, flexibility and stability in a nice compact package.

Weight (cab) 12,247 lbs
Horsepower 47.6 HP
Digging Depth 13’6″

How much does a Yanmar 35 excavator weight?

8,214 lbs
The YANMAR ViO35-6A is the most productive digging, lifting, do-anything excavator you can buy….The most advanced excavator we’ve ever made.

Weight (cab) 8,214 lbs
Digging Depth 11’3″

How much does a Yanmar ViO 50 weight?

10,792 lbs
Power. Speed. Dependability.

Weight (cab) 10,792 lbs
Horsepower 39 HP
Digging Depth 12’3″

What does a John Deere 60g excavator weigh?

13,620 lb.
60GCompact Excavator. Max Digging Depth: 3.77 m (12 ft. 4 in.) Operating Weight: 6180 kg (13,620 lb.)

How much is a Yanmar SV40?

$54,500.00. Redefining the definition of compact power, the YANMAR SV40 is pushing the limits on an excavator of its size. With best in class power, digging force and lifting capacity, this machine is a game changer within the compact excavator segment.

How deep will a Yanmar 35 dig?

Yanmar Vio 35 Specs

Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 1
A. SHIPPING LENGTH OF UNIT 15.2 ft in 4640 mm
K. MAX REACH ALONG GROUND 17.1 ft in 5220 mm
M. MAX DIGGING DEPTH 10.8 ft in 3300 mm

Who builds Yanmar mini excavators?

2) Built in Japan with Final Assembly in the USA. Yanmar mini excavators are built in Fukuoka, Japan and feature high quality Japanese components and proven reliability.

How much is a John Deere 60G cost?

$76,900. NEW John Deere 60G excavator. Reduced tail swing design makes this compact extra maneuverable and plenty productive in places with tight spaces.

How much is a John Deere 50G?

What is the cost of a John Deere 50G? In the United States a used John Deere 50G excavator is typically priced between $50,900 and $61,900.