How much does a glycol beer system cost?

Glycol chillers start at $1,000 and can cost as much as $5,000 depending on the length of the run of the lines (this is dictated by the distance from the walk-in to the tap handles). A longer run will require more and stronger pumps, which increases the cost of your cooling system.

What is a glycol Draught beer dispensing system?

A Glycol beer dispensing system is the latest in beer dispensing technology. Beer python is a cluster of beer and glycol lines bundled together and wrapped in plastic to form a vapour seal encased in insulated foam. The foam is used to minimise heat gains over the length of the python.

What is a glycol system?

Glycol chillers are industrial refrigeration systems that use a type of antifreeze called glycol, mixed with water, to lower the freezing point in the application of the chilling system.

How does a glycol system work?

A chiller is a type of refrigeration system that cools a tub of glycol to reduce its temperature. The glycol is then pushed through a closed circuit of tubing or piping that is connected to the glycol chiller. This circulates cooled glycol and helps to reduce the temperature of whatever is attached to the system.

Do bars use Kegerators?

Today, there are a number of companies that specialize in kegerators for commercial draft systems and the home bar. Kegerators can be freestanding or installed inline with an existing bar or counter. They even come in walk-in cooler versions—a guy can dream, right?

How do draft beer systems work?

Any draft system requires pressurized gas to propel beer from the keg to the faucet. When this pressurized gas is pushed into the keg through the coupler, it forces the beer out into the beer line where it eventually travels up to the tap so you can pour a pint on demand.

Why is glycol mixed with water?

Glycol is a water-miscible coolant that is frequently used in heat transfer and cooling applications. It provides better heat transfer parameters than water, and can be mixed with water to provide a variety of heat transfer characteristics. Glycol comes in two varieties: ethylene glycol and propylene glycol.

A glycol cooling system is a type of long-draw system that is commonly used in bars, taverns, and pubs. In general, a long-draw system helps provide ice-cold beer to places relatively far from where kegged beer is stored.

How do glycol coolers work?

A glycol chiller is a type of refrigeration system that is used to cool a batch of antifreeze also known as “ propylene glycol ” or just “glycol” for short. The liquid is cooled and then pumped through a looped circuit of tubes that are connected to the input and output parts of the glycol cooling system.

What is a glycol loop?

Glycol is like antifreeze and is used in chilled water piping loops to prevent freezing . Everyone knows when the pipes freeze they also break and start leaking. Having antifreeze in a chilled water loop is important to prevent freezing.