How much do Torklift tie downs weigh?

roughly 25 pounds per
They weigh roughly 25 pounds per set. “This means the tie downs are easier to install and the total gross vehicle capacity weight is reduced,” explained Torklift International General Manager Jay Taylor. In addition to the lifetime warranty it is also backed with rust-free corrosion protection for life.

How tight should my Torklift camper tie downs be?

Proper tension on a turnbuckle is designed to correctly connect the truck camper tie downs to the camper anchor points. How do you know how to find the proper tension on a truck camper turnbuckle? Camper manufacturers suggest that 300 pounds of tension be applied to secure the camper properly.

Can you tie down a truck camper with straps?

Straps are fine as long as you don’t over tighten them. With the Fastguns and similar tie downs it is easy to see that there is 300 lbs. of force being applied to each corner of the camper.

What do I need to put a camper on my truck?

Campers require 4 tie-down points, 2 at the front and 2 at the rear of your truck bed. Some tie-downs connect directly to a truck’s bed; others connect to its frame. Frame-mounted tie-downs are stronger than bed-mounted because a truck’s frame provides a stronger base than the weaker sheet metal of its bed.

Do I have to remove my tailgate to carry a truck camper?

“Unloaded means no tailgate. There is really no need for it. The back up camera is mounted on the truck for when the camper is on. Also the camper seldom comes off.

How do I keep my truck camper from moving?

In my experience, the only things that prevent excessive truck camper movement is a good rubber bed mat and/or a set of front and side mounted bumpers.

How is a truck camper secured to the truck?

Securing a truck camper starts by using your camper’s jacks to raise it slightly above your truck bed’s height. Carefully back your truck underneath, and lower the trailer into the bed. With the camper resting in the bed, connect the turnbuckles to the camper and the tie-down anchor points. Tighten them until secure.

How does the tie down attach on a torklift?

The tie down insert is held in place with a pin and clip so that it can be installed and removed easily. That means with Torklift tie downs, you don’t compromise any ground clearance and they are hidden when not in use.

Where can I Find my torklift part number?

Login to the Dealer Portal to access the Distributor Part Number Finder and see what your Torklift part number fits. » Login to the Dealer Portal to convert your Torklift tie down part number to a distributor part number with the Distributor Part Number Finder.

Where do tie down inserts go on a truck?

In most cases, the tie down inserts should be installed with the shorter side of the bullet plate facing away from each other (The shorter side of the front insert should point to the front of the truck and the shorter side of the rear insert should point towards the rear of the truck). DRIVERS SIDE FRONT DRIVERS SIDE REAR

Are there any tie downs for a camper?

These pickup camper tie downs are guaranteed to eliminate bed and bumper damage and come with our Legendary Lifetime Warranty. Torklift frame-mounted tie downs are designed to fit specific vehicle makes and models and consists of two parts.