How much do industrial/organizational psychologists make with a PhD?

By the time industrial-organizational psychologists with a doctorate have 25 or more years of experience in the field, they earn an average salary of $180,985 per year. By comparison, I/O psychologists with a master’s degree and 25 or more years of experience reported an average annual salary of $110,333.

What can I do with a PhD in industrial/organizational psychology?

One of the most challenging and rewarding career opportunities for professionals with a PhD in I-O psychology is to strike out on their own as an independent I-O consultant, such as an employee development consultant/trainer, an organizational consultant, or a human resources manager/consultant.

How much do PhD IO psychologists make?

University professors make approximately $70,000 annually and those in the private sector earn approximately $100,000. Overall, the median annual salary for I/O psychologists is $80,000. The highest earners can make $250,000 or more each year.

How much money do industrial/organizational psychologists make?

The average salary for an industrial organizational psychologist in California is around $129,300 per year.

Is Industrial Organizational Psychology in demand?

There are currently an estimated 1,700 industrial organizational psychologists in the United States. The industrial organizational psychologist job market is expected to grow by 5.9% between 2016 and 2026.

How much does a Ph.D in Industrial Organizational Psychology make?

One of the interesting aspects of this field of psychology with a Ph.D. is how your salary rises with more experience in industrial-organizational psychology. According to, we see the following salaries: Also, some parts of the country pay a higher wage than others. Payscale states the average wage in the country is $72,998.

How much does an organizational psychologist make a year?

Salaries for industrial-organizational psychologists can be lucrative, with the BLS reporting that the top 10% earned more than $192,800. As with every career, experience plays an enormous factor in salary. How does an organizational psychologist salary compare to other psychology careers?

What’s the average salary of an industrial psychologist?

Those I-O psychologists who provided managerial, scientific and technical consulting earned the highest annual mean wage of $125,980. Psychologists employed by scientific research and development services earned a mean salary of $107,850, while they earned $103,400 in the offices of health practitioners.

What’s the average salary of an I-O psychologist?

Professionals in Minnesota earned an average mean wage of $100,290, but also had the highest reported salaries paid to I-O psychologists, with upper-range salaries starting at $169,200. North Carolina reported the lowest average annual wages of only $54,110.