How does the validatecredentials method work in Java?

Creates the connections to the server and returns a Boolean value that specifies whether the specified username and password are valid. The username that is validated on the server. See the Remarks section for more information on the format of userName. The password that is validated on the server.

Which is the validatecredentials method in Microsoft Office?

PrincipalContext.ValidateCredentials PrincipalContext.ValidateCredentials PrincipalContext.ValidateCredentials PrincipalContext.ValidateCredentials Method. Definition. Creates the connection to the server and validates the specified credentials if the connection is successful.

How to create an array of strings in VB.NET?

In VB.NET, Strings inherit from the Object class. So we can pass an array of Strings to a method that requires an array of Objects. VB.NET program that uses Object array Module Module1 Sub Main () ‘ Use string array as an object array.

How to create a multi-dimensional array in VB.NET?

Multi-Dimensional Arrays. VB.Net allows multidimensional arrays. Multidimensional arrays are also called rectangular arrays. You can declare a 2-dimensional array of strings as − Dim twoDStringArray(10, 20) As String or, a 3-dimensional array of Integer variables − Dim threeDIntArray(10, 10, 10) As Integer

How to validate the credentials of a server?

A combination of one or more ContextOptions enumeration values the options used to bind to the server. This parameter can only specify Simple bind with or without SSL, or Negotiate bind. true if the credentials are valid; otherwise false. The options parameter must specify Negotiate when the context type is Machine.

When to use the TRY CATCH statement in Visual Basic?

HelpLink returns a link to an associated Help file. InnerException returns the Exception object that caused the current exception, or it returns Nothing if there is no original Exception. Use a Try…Catch statement only to signal the occurrence of unusual or unanticipated program events. Reasons for this include the following: