How does the census affect housing?

The Census population count has a major effect on the availability and quality of affordable housing in your community, whether you live in a city or in a rural area. Affordable housing in turn can have major effects on health, education, economic mobility, and equity for all.

Has the 2020 census data been released?

The U.S. Census Bureau on Thursday released its latest round of information from the 2020 Census. The data shows changes to the demographic makeup of the country over the past decade, which states will now use to decide congressional redistricting procedures.

What are TIGER files?

TIGER/Line files are a digital database of geographic features, such as roads, railroads, rivers, lakes, political boundaries, census statistical boundaries, etc. covering the entire United States. Each county consists of a series of files with a common basename, and different extensions.

Why does the census ask about mortgages?

We ask about the housing costs of people who own homes in the community in combination with age, gender, race, Hispanic origin, disability status, and other data about the household residents, to help the government and communities enforce laws, such as the 1968 Fair Housing Act, designed to eliminate discrimination in …

Do landlords have to fill out census?

It’s the householder’s responsibility to complete the census. The householder is a person who usually lives at this address, and on their own or with someone else: owns or rents the accommodation, and/or. pays the household bills and expenses.

How accurate is census data?

Although there are some differences by age, race and ethnicity in assessing census accuracy, the most recent survey finds about six-in-ten adults in each major demographic group say the census will be somewhat or very accurate in counting the population. There are no differences by political party.