How does an art historian work?

As the title indicates, an art historian researches to find the history of a piece of artwork or artifact, recording their findings to share with others. They often advise others about selling and buying art for investments and help art curators put together important exhibitions for others to enjoy.

How do I become an art historian?

According to the BLS, art historians generally need a master’s or doctoral degree in art history or a related field, although individuals with a bachelor’s degree may find entry-level employment as a research assistant or writer.

How much do art historians earn?

The salaries of Art Historians in the US range from $10,136 to $248,304 , with a median salary of $44,873 . The middle 57% of Art Historians makes between $44,873 and $111,929, with the top 86% making $248,304.

What are the skills of an art historian?


  • Visual Literacy and Analytical Skills. “Reading” images from a wide range of cultures.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Interpersonal / Cross-Cultural Skills.
  • Research / Project Skills.
  • Visual Literacy and Analytical Skills.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Interpersonal / Cross-Cultural Skills.
  • Research / Project Skills.

Is art history a hard major?

Yes, art history is hard. The skills gleaned in an art history degree are as widely transferable as those used in the study of history, or, to be honest, the sciences and maths, those apparently impregnable mainstays. To group art history with, say, art, is to misunderstand the way the subject is taught.

Who was the first famous artist?

1. Leonardo Da Vinci (1452–1519) Renaissance painter, scientist, inventor, and more.

Who invented art history?

The discipline of art history developed in Europe during the colonial period (roughly the 15th to the mid-20th century). Early art historians emphasized the European tradition, celebrating its Greek and Roman origins and the ideals of academic art.

Who is known as father of art?

Paul Cézanne
Looking at Cézanne’s output afresh, Klein makes the case for the painter as being ‘father of Modern art’, his works inspiring countless Modern and contemporary masters since. Paul Cézanne is probably one of the most famous artists of all time. Picasso said ‘he was our one and only master’.

What was the first art?

Sixty years ago, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, a group of archaeologists discovered a series of paintings spread across 100 limestone caves. …

What can I do with a degree in art history?

Generally, a degree in art history will often help you secure employment in museums or art galleries. These types of organizations will often hire art history majors to obtain pieces of art and arrange exhibits. Individuals with advanced art history degrees may also be qualified to work as curators.

What exactly is art history?

Art history is the study of objects of art considered within their time period . Art historians analyze visual arts’ meaning (painting, sculpture, architecture) at the time they were created. A definition of art history Art history doesn’t consist in simply listing all the art movements and placing them on a timeline.

What is the purpose of Art History?

The Purpose of Art Throughout History. Throughout the history of mankind, art has served several functions; everything from creative expression to therapy, from historic telling to the expression of ideologies, from engaging an audience to engaging the mind.

Does art history count as a fine art?

Yes, Art History is a fine arts. Like any class at your school, it can be ‘easy’, a total ‘bear’, interesting, or boring as heck, depending on the instructor.