How do you write a maritime CV?

Things you should include in your CV:Your contact details, such as; your address, email address and main phone number.Your education and qualifications. Your employment history this should focus on key responsibilities and highlight your skills and strengths.

Should I put Ma after my name?

Individuals typically don’t put M.A. or M.S. behind their names since those aren’t terminal degrees. For example, in a college English department, a professor may have the M.F.A. behind your name is acceptable since the M.P.A. is considered an advanced professional degree for your field.

What does MA mean after your name?

April 2019) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) A Master of Arts (Latin: Magister Artium or Artium Magister; abbreviated MA or AM) is the holder of a master’s degree awarded by universities in many countries. The degree is usually contrasted with that of Master of Science.

How do you write BA Hons?

Honours degrees are sometimes indicated by “Hons” after the degree abbreviation, with various punctuation according to local custom, e.g. “BA (Hons)”, “B.A., Hons”, etc.