How do you set up Tork?

How to Set Tork Timers

  1. Press and hold the “Clock” button.
  2. Press the “Day,” “Hour” and “Min” buttons (while continuing to hold “Clock”) to set the day, hour and minutes.
  3. Release “Clock” when you set the desired time.
  4. Press the “Reset” button.

How do you program a Tork digital timer?

To program your Tork timer:

  1. First, open the switch’s cover and locate the 24-hour time dial.
  2. Next, set the “On” and “Off” times by adjusting the two mechanical triggers attached to the dial.
  3. The silver trigger will turn the system on; the black trigger will turn it off.
  4. Adjust the 24-hour dial to match the time of day.

How do you program a Tork sa400 timer?

Easy Programining Guide for the TORK® Zip-Set™ Timer

  1. Press and Hold Zip SET button to. display 3-digit area code input.
  2. Use FORWARD and REVERSE buttons. to enter your local Area Code.
  3. Press ENTER ON/OFF button to advance.
  4. Press ENTER ON/OFF button to accept.
  5. Press ENTER to accept the default.
  6. You have completed the process!

What is a Tork time switch?

This Tork 1101 indoor steel 24-hour dial time switch is typically used to control swimming pool pumping systems, with or without water heaters. Featuring a temporary manual override switch, this time switch features heavy-duty contacts and has a five horsepower rating.

How do you set a hyper tough timer?

Simply plug the timer into the outlet and attach the appliance power plug. The timer is programmable with 30-minute intervals; push pins down to set desire (ON) times and pull pins up to set (OFF) times. The pins are easy to use and built-in for convenience.

How do you set a hyper tough outdoor timer?

Simply plug the timer into the outlet and attach the device’s power plug. The outdoor timer features a photocell that automatically turns light on and off. Have your outdoor lights or devices turn on when you want, select from five different options: two hour-intervals of 2, 4, 6, 8 hours or Dusk to Dawn.