How do you remove a deadbolt screw cover?

The screws are located under those metal “pins” The metal pins are actually screws that have metal caps pushed into them so they look like you can’t unscrew them. Take a very sharp small screw driver and pry under those caps and they will pop off revealing the screw head.

How do you adjust a Schlage deadbolt?

How to Tighten a Schlage Deadbolt

  1. Stand on the inside of the door with the Schlage deadbolt handle facing you.
  2. Pull the door open toward you.
  3. Remove any protective covering over the screws on the back of the deadbolt, if present.
  4. Insert the end of a screwdriver into the screw on the deadbolt.

How do you drill out a Schlage deadbolt?

  1. Put on the work gloves and safety goggles.
  2. Load the 3/32-inch drill bit into the electric hand drill’s chuck.
  3. Line the tip of the drill between the top of the key slot and the edge of the cylinder, i.e., the part of the lock’s surface that turns with the key.
  4. Bore a horizontal hole about 1.5-inch deep.

What size hole saw do you need for a deadbolt?

Most standard deadbolts require a 2-inch hole saw for the lock bodies and a 1-inch spade bit for the sliding bolt assembly, so be sure to use the correct size drill bits.

Why is my deadbolt lock loose?

In most cases, a door lock becomes loose simply due to the over-and-over torquing of turning the knobs. Over time, the screws work loose. You will need to line up the two halves of the doorknob assembly to make it easier to tighten the screws.

Why is my door lock spinning?

In most cases, this turns out to be a loose set screw within the door handle or door knob. Unfortunately, most people overlook this sign and end up with a key that keeps turning in their door lock. If it is not caused by a loose set screw, then some portion of the locks internal mechanism has been dislodged.