How do you reference AntConc?

Use the following method to cite/reference AntConc according to the APA style guide: Anthony, L. (YEAR OF RELEASE). AntConc (Version VERSION NUMBER) [Computer Software].

What is AntConc used for?

AntConc is a freeware, multi-platform, multi-purpose corpus analysis toolkit, designed specifically for use in the classroom. It hosts a comprehensive set of tools including a powerful concordancer, word and keyword frequency generators, tools for cluster and lexical bundle analysis, and a word distribution plot.

What is a reference corpus?

A reference corpus is any corpus chosen as a standard of comparison with your corpus. The reference corpus usually has to be quite large and of a suitable type for keywords to work.

How do you analyze a corpus?


  1. create/download a corpus of texts.
  2. conduct a keyword-in-context search.
  3. identify patterns surrounding a particular word.
  4. use more specific search queries.
  5. look at statistically significant differences between corpora.
  6. make multi-modal comparisons using corpus lingiustic methods.

How do you do a corpus?

How to create a corpus from the web

  1. on the corpus dashboard dashboard click NEW CORPUS.
  2. on the select corpus advanced screen storage click NEW CORPUS.
  3. open the corpus selector at the top of each screen and click CREATE CORPUS.

How do you analyze corpus?

What are corpus analysis tools?


Tool Description
Concordancer Online tool for frequency counts and text clouds
CorpKit An advanced modern corpus toolkit with an emphasis on visualization and annotated corpora.
CorporaCoCo A set of R functions used to compare co-occurrence between corpora
Corpus Presenter Tree tagger and corpus analysis software

What is frequency in corpus linguistics?

The most basic statistical measure is a frequency count, a simple tallying of the number of instances of something that occurs in a corpus for example, there are 1,103 examples of the word Lancaster in the written section of the BNC.

What can you do with corpus analysis with antconc?

Corpus Analysis with Antconc. Corpus analysis is a form of text analysis which allows you to make comparisons between textual objects at a large scale (so-called ‘distant reading’).

What do you need to know about antconc?

As an introduction, this tutortial barely scratches the surface of what you can do with AntConc. We will focus on the Concordance, Collocates, Keywords, and Word List functions. Like opening a file elsewhere, we’re going to start with File > Open, but instead of opening just ONE file we want to open the directory of all our files.

Where do I find the corpus files in antconc?

When AntConc launches, it will look like this. AntConc opening screen. On the left-hand side, there is a window to see all corpus files loaded (which we’ll use momentarily).

What kind of encoding do you need for antconc?

AntConc will work fine with non-English texts such as French, German, Spanish, as well as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. To get non-English characters to display correctly you should save your files in the default encoding of AntConc, which is UTF-8. Note that UTF-8 is the standard for all corpus analysis across the world.