How do you program a TDS remote to a Vizio TV?

Follow the steps on the screen and your TV or sound system should be connected to one remote.

  1. Press the TiVo button to bring up the Home Screen.
  2. Select Menu from the Navigation Bar.
  3. Under Settings select Remote Settings.
  4. Select ‘Pair your remote with your box’ or ‘Remote Control Programming’ to set up TV or A/V Receiver.

How do I reset my TDS box?

How do I restart my TDS TV+ Receiver?

  1. Press and hold the power/standby button for 6-8 seconds.
  2. Remove the power source from wall or receiver.
  3. Go to Menu → Device Settings → Device Preferences → Reboot and confirm Reboot now?

Why is my TDS Internet not working?

Try another app that uses the Internet, to rule out an app issue. Plug the TDS modem back in first, wait for the Internet light to go green, then plug your router or switch back in. If you’ve tried the applicable steps here and still can’t connect, call TDS technical support at 1-888-CALL-TDS (1-888-225-5837).

Does TDS have DVR service?

Included FREE with your TDS TV subscription, the Connected-Home DVR will change the way you watch TV. Since it connects up to 10 TVs in your home, it lets you: Watch, record, and manage recordings from any connected TV.

What is OnePass on TDS?

OnePass is a type of search, which gathers every available episode of a series, whether it’s from a streaming app, live TV, or on demand. You’ll no longer need to know when a show will be airing or which streaming service has it available: : TDS TV+ does it for you.

What is TDS TV Plus?

TDS TV+ brings your favorite programs, from live TV to streaming services, to all your screens. It’s TV you know and love. When and where you want it.

What do you need to know about TDs TV?

User Guide: A detailed instruction manual for using TDS TV, your set-top box, and remote control. Quick Reference Guide: A condensed guide that highlights the top 9 things to know about TDS TV.

Can a universal remote control work with a TDS TV?

Universal Remote Controls are provided to operate TDS TV set-top boxes. You can program your TDS TV remote to work with your television, DVD player, and audio/video (AV) receiver or a sound bar. Follow these instructions if you have a remote control with a Cisco logo at the bottom of the device.

Is there a companion app for TDs TV?

TDS TV Companion App Instructional: Learn more about turning your smart phone or tablet into a remote control to manage your DVR recordings remotely. TDS TV Remote Control Instructional: Learn more about how to use the remote control to operate the menu, guide, and other TDS TV features.

How to become a subscriber to Vizio TV?

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