How do you open the gate in Saarthal excavation?

The exit from this room is the shortcut back to the first room of Saarthal Excavation. To open the final gate, you will need to activate a handle found on the east (left-hand) wall of the passage.

How do I start the Saarthal quest?

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Meet Tolfdir and the trainees outside Saarthal.
  2. Follow Tolfdir into the ruins.
  3. Find Arniel Gane and help him find some artifacts.
  4. Use the Saarthal Amulet to escape the trap.
  5. Follow Tolfdir deeper into the ruins.
  6. Discover the danger within Saarthal.
  7. Talk to the Arch-Mage and receive your reward.

Where is the key for forbidden legend in Skyrim?

Start the Forbidden Legend quest by reading the Lost Legends book in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. It can also be found in Whiterun where the court wizard has his books, by following the quest line at the College of Winterhold, or by reading a book during A Cornered Rat.

How do you get past the bridge in geirmund’s Hall?

There are two levers near the drawbridge. The most obvious on the ground activates a trap. The one that lowers the drawbridge is behind you, obscured by the cave wall and standing behind the first lever. After lowering the bridge, down to the right at the start of the bridge is a broken ledge.

How do I escape Saarthal excavation?

The fourth artifact is the Saarthal Amulet. Once retrieved, you’ll be trapped inside the room. Go back to the bars that now block your exit and speak to Tolfdir who will come to help. Do as instructed and use the amulet to escape the trap by equipping it, then cast a spell (any spell) on the wall where the amulet was.

Where do you get the key to saarthal?

Where is the key for Saarthal? In the Forbidden Legend quest, I have cleared out Folgunthur and Geirmund’s Hall and gotten both the fragments from those places. However, I cannot enter Saarthal since it is locked and requires a key. Where do I get this key?

How to enter saarthal excavation without mage guild?

Skyrim How to enter Saarthal Excavation WITHOUT KEY AND WITHOUT MAGE GUILD! Gauldur Amulet Fragment If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

Is the entrance to saarthal locked in Skyrim?

The Imperial Report on Saarthal also concludes that the elven attack was focused on a specific objective. The entrance to Saarthal is locked (key required) at the start of the game.

Where do you find the potion in saarthal?

The potion in the urn may be difficult to access. The hall then leads into the first of Saarthal’s two puzzles. It is a typical pillar puzzle, where each pillar needs to be rotated until the symbol matches the symbol displayed on the wall behind the pillar.