How do you not have a cover page in InDesign?

Select page 2 only and under the Options menu of the Pages panel choose Numbering & Section Options… In the dialog that opens, select Start Page Numbering at: and type 2 in the field and click OK. Delete page 1 in your pages panel and all pages should stay put.

How do I add a cover page in InDesign?

Step 1

  1. Open up Adobe InDesign and go to File > New > Document.
  2. In the New Document window keep the Intent set to Print and from the drop-down Page Size menu choose US Magazine.
  3. Set the Margins to 12 mm on all sides, and type in 5 mm into the first Bleed text box.
  4. Click OK to create your cover template.

How do I open an InDesign document?

How to Create a New Document in Adobe InDesign CS6

  1. Choose File→New→Document.
  2. Select whether you’re designing a Print, web, or Digital Publishing (digital document) from the Intent drop-down menu.
  3. Enter a value in the Number of Pages text field for the number of pages in the document.

How do I make a book cover in InDesign?

2. Set up the Cover Template in Adobe InDesign

  1. Open up Adobe InDesign.
  2. Go to File > New > Document, and set the Intent of the document to Print.
  3. Name the custom size Paperback Book and set the Width to 132 mm and Height to 197 mm.
  4. Set the Margins on all sides to 11 mm and the Bleed to 5 mm.

Is the first page in InDesign the cover?

By default, InDesign starts numbering a document from page 1. But in many cases, you want to start the numbering from a different page – for example, when page 1 is the cover of your document. How do you do that? As we’ve seen before, the “Current Page Number” shows the number of the page where it sits.

Why can’t I create a new document in InDesign?

Please update your copy of InDesign to the latest available update via CCD app. Fix is available in the latest update of InDesign. Please update your copy of InDesign to the latest available update via CCD app. The fix for this issue is available in the latest InDesign Prerelease build.

How do you layout a book cover?

The book design process in 7 steps —

  1. Understand the elements of a cover.
  2. Research the market.
  3. Choose a design direction.
  4. Figure out what the design needs to emphasize.
  5. Choose graphics and fonts.
  6. Collect feedback.
  7. Know what the printer needs.

How do I make a book cover in PDF?

Open your e-book PDF. Select “Document,” “Pages” and then “Insert.” Go to “Insert Dialogue” and click “Select.” Select your jpeg cover image. Choose where in the e-book file you want your cover graphic to appear, when the “Insert Pages Dialogue” box appears.

How do you make a book cover in Adobe InDesign?

Open up Adobe InDesign. Go to File > New > Document, and set the Intent of the document to Print. Increase the Number of Pages to 2 and deselect Facing Pages. From the Page Size menu choose Custom.

How big should a soft cover be in InDesign?

These dimensions are unique to every cover- if you change your page count, your cover dimensions, especially the spine width, can change- so make sure that your page count is set prior to finalizing your design! As you see from this example (for a US Trade soft cover, 200 pages), the document size is 12.73” x 9.25”.

How to manage pages and spreads in Adobe InDesign?

If document pages have been allowed to shuffle and you added pages to a spread, choose Allow Document Pages To Shuffle from the Pages panel menu to select it. Click No to redistribute pages. If you click Yes to maintain the multiple-page spreads, brackets surround the numbers on those spreads in the Pages panel,…

How do I create a duplicate spread in InDesign?

In the Pages panel, do one of the following: Drag the page range numbers under a spread to the New Page button. The new spread appears at the end of the document. Select a page or spread, and then choose Duplicate Page or Duplicate Spread in the Pages panel menu. The new page or spread appears at the end of the document.