How do you know what size gloves to buy?

  1. Measure around the hand at the fullest part (exclude thumb)
  2. Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the hand.
  3. Use the largest of these two measurements for the correct size glove.
  4. If you are right handed, take measurements from your right hand.
  5. If you are left handed, take measurements from your left hand.

What is Assos Size II?

Adult Bike Caps, Hats

Measure Point Small Large
Assos Size Size 0 Size II
Head Circ. (cm) 48 – 53cm 58 – 63cm
INCHES – Head Circ. 18.8 – 20.8″ 22.9 – 24.8″

What is TIR size Assos?

TIR. = XLG but wider. Men. Jersey, Jacket, Body Insulator, Vest, Shell. Size Chest Measurement.

What does Tir mean in sizing?

TIR = XLG but wider.

What does Tir mean in size?

In metrology and the fields that it serves (such as manufacturing, machining, and engineering), total indicator reading (TIR), also known by the newer name full indicator movement (FIM), is the difference between the maximum and minimum measurements, that is, readings of an indicator, on the planar, cylindrical, or …

How do you wear Assos leg warmers?

The brand does things differently, using a curved cut upper, the leg warmer extends under your shorts all the way to the top of your hip. You then pull your shorts on over the top, and everything stays in place. No gripping, no slipping. The leg warmers feature multiple panels, creating a second skin fit.

What size should a 5’11 man wear?


130-150 LBS 200-210 LBS
5’9″ XS 2XL
5’10” 2XL
5’11” XL
6′ XL

What is the size of XL?

Size Chart

Extra Large (XL)
Chest: Inches 44-46
Centimetres 112-117
Waist: Inches 40-42
Centimetres 102-107