How do you keep white polymer clay white?

I’ve learned a few polymer clay lessons in my time, but learning how to keep white beads white was a useful one….So to keep your light colored polymer clays light, here are the instructions:

  1. Keep your work area clean.
  2. Keep your hands clean.
  3. Clean your oven.
  4. Use an oven thermometer.
  5. Tent your beads.

How do you make polymer clay white?

If you have cornstarch and white PVA or Elmer’s glue, it’s easy to make your own polymer or fimo style clay. This clay is soft, pure white and has minimal cracking issues like other air drying clay.

What is the best white polymer clay?

Translucent Pardo Professional Art Clay is the clearest translucent polymer clay on the market and is by FAR the best polymer clay brand to use if you want to create faux glass or other extremely translucent effects.

Can you color white polymer clay before baking?

Can You Color White Polymer Clay Before Baking? Yes, you can. You can use alcohol-based colors, powder pigments or crayon shavings to color your polymer clay. Acrylic color and other water-based colors can be used as well but the water within these colors has to evaporate from the clay before you bake it.

Can you clean polymer clay after baking?

Another very good way to clean your unbaked polymer clay from dirt is to use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing alcohol) on a paper towel. If I discover some more dust or dirt on my polymer clay after baking, I softly use the sand-paper to remove it and refresh my creation.

Can you use acetone on polymer clay?

Dip a Q-tip into the acetone and start rubbing away any flaws on your clay. The acetone will smooth out the surface by melting the plastic on the surface of the clay. Don’t worry if you notice smear marks while doing this — they will disappear once you bake the polymer clay.

Are there any polymer clay tutorials for beginners?

From choosing clay, how to work with clay for beginners, polymer clay tips and tricks, materials, tools, conditioning, making a cane, making Polymer Clay beads, baking and finally assembling your necklace. This tutorial will speed up your learning as you will feel accomplished that you can complete a project with just one Tutorial!

How to bake polymer clay so that your whites stay white?

So to keep your light colored polymer clays light, here are the instructions: 1) Keep your work area clean. Your white clay beads will never be white no matter how much sanding you do, if your clay is filled with bits of lint, hair, other clay and debris from your workspace.

Can you put rubberstamp stamp in polymer clay?

If you pre-ink yuor rubberstamp before pressing into your clay it will leave an ink image in the impressed areas. It will also help to relelease the stamp from the clay. Of course this is only good if you do it right because if you have to smush it up and try again, the ink will get mixed into the clay.