How do you get whiting in Port Phillip Bay?

Whiting are quite crafty and can inhale and strip bait off a hook in the blink of an eye. Using light tackle allows these sneaks to slip up, giving anglers the chance to catch them in the act. Light rods are important as their soft action will allow Whiting to engulf the bait without it being ripped from their mouths.

What is the best time to fish for whiting?

Whiting congregate in the summer for spawning, hence the term ‘Summer Whiting’. The summer is probably the best time to target Whiting but they are available all year round.

Where are they catching fish in Port Phillip Bay?

Waters between Frankston and Mt Martha are notable as the bay’s best snapper grounds. Mornington and Mt Martha are popular with anglers. Mornington Pier and many rocky platforms provide land-based anglers with consistent catches of squids, whitings, snappers, salmons, flatheads and barracoutas.

What fish can I catch in Port Phillip Bay?

When it comes to fishing on Port Phillip Bay, the world’s your oyster. Some of Australia’s big names in seafood, including red snapper and King George whiting, lurk in these waters. There’s gummy shark, mulloway and garfish, flathead, trevally and bream, along with more squid than you can poke a jig at.

What is the best Burley for whiting?

Crushed mussel shell is also another very popular burley method. For best results, when using this method, you should distribute the shells by a throwing them out by hand, a small amount occasionally. As they are heavier, they will sink to the bottom a lot quicker.

What is the best way to catch whiting?

A lot of serious whiting anglers spend as much time getting their bait as they do fishing. Digging up blood worms can be back breaking work but is the best way to get absolutely prime bait. Shrimp, jelly prawns, small soldier crabs and wriggler worms are also “A” grade baits.

What lures do whiting like?

Shallow running minnows are the gun lures. You’ll generally be fishing in super shallow water so even the shallowest varieties will often be banging into the sand. This really stimulates the whiting into biting. The by-catch with minnows is often greater than with the other lures.

Do people fish in Port Phillip Bay?

When can I catch squid in Port Phillip Bay?

Fishing around the full moon period, when the tides are small, with around point four of a metre difference between high and low, you will often catch squid right throughout the whole tide cycle. First and last light are definitely the best times and generally most productive times for targeting squid.

Can you eat fish from Port Phillip Bay?

The Premier John Brumby says people shouldn’t be worried about eating fish caught in Port Phillip Bay, despite some being found with lesions. The EPA is testing samples from flathead caught between Port Melbourne and Werribee South. Officials say affected fish shouldn’t be touched or eaten.

Should you Burley for whiting?

Pilchards are not widely used for whiting fishing but can be a good source of bait if prepared in the right manner. Whiting react well to a decent burley trail, burley will bring the fish to you, if you are landbased or fishing from a boat, additionally, it will put the fish in a biting mood.

Where to catch whiting in Port Phillip Bay?

Surf rigs for whiting and surf fishing port phillip bay . Where to fish A Whiting Rig & what fish can I catch ?

What kind of fishing rig do you use for Whiting?

A new Type of fishing rig called a whiting Whisper is a type of fishing rig that can be fished a lot like a flasher rig or snapper snatcher but its designed to target Whiting and smaller fish like Black Bream Flathead and also the bread and butter fish of Australian Rivers and Estuaries like mullet, bay trout and redfin and trout.

What kind of fishing rig does Port Phillip use?

The fishing rig is a Saltwater and Freshwater rig that has inbuilt Lures that is like a fly attached to each circle hook .

Are there any reefs in Port Phillip Bay?

Port phillip bay bottom is majority sandy with not many reefs just about every where you fish and there is no current in the bay proper , But if your fishing up the south end its full of fast moving water . so i have moved to using flasher rigs because i tend to fish in alot of different fishing spots from western port to port phillip .